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heads on fire 10/24/2011

composite acoustics Cargo : heads on fire's user review

« Big sound, small guitar. »

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All composite acoustically tailored construction for ultimate tone, durability and versatility
Rigid one-piece neck/body construction for long term stability
Impervious to climate for consistent performance wherever you go
Carbon fiber neck for consistent playability (No truss rod adjustments needed, ever!)
Proprietary carbon fiber bridge and saddle materials
Optional premium electronics for easy and clear amplification
Available in road tuff (RT) finish in six colors of durable high gloss (HG) finish in four colors & raw finish
Offset sound hole with integrated top bracing technology (IBT) for remarkable tone & resonance in a small guitar
Composite fingerboard with 20 medium stainless frets & side dots
Ultra-precise tuning machines
Handcrafted in the U.S.A. by skilled technicians and craftsmen


This guitar is very easy to play - the action is great, like a really sleek electric guitar! Both flatpicking and fingerstyle work well on this mini-beast. The carbon fiber materials make it incredibly stable and durable - climate changes and touring are no problem for this baby! Also, alternate tunings are a breeze, as you don't have to worry about them going out of tune. It's small enough to go wherever it is needed, and as a bonus, the look is fantastic! The finishes look fantastic on top of the carbon fiber materials, and they add to the otherworldly look of these acoustic instruments.


One might be concerned with how it sounds, since it is not made of wood. Well, it sounds great! The soundhole is located closer to the player's ear, and it gets nice, crisp tones with gobs of definition on even the most complex chord structures, and it does all this at about 95% of a standard dreadnaught volume. The built in pickup sounds pretty good plugged in, also.


I think this is one of the most innovative, yet playable developments in the acoustic guitar since the invention of the piezo pickup. This baby can jam in whatever style you like to play in, and it does it with pinache. The fact that it is easy to take on trips due to the size makes it a huge bonus. I hope that guitarists can have an open mind about this - it's not wood, so that will probably turn off most buyers right there. But all one need do is pick it up, play it, and open the mind. Great buy, absolutely.