Line 6 Micro Spider
Line 6 Micro Spider

Micro Spider, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Line 6 Micro Spider

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Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 4 reviews44 %
 1 user review11 %
 2 reviews22 %
 2 reviews22 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 06/26/08Line 6's Micro Spider: The Test

    Line 6's Micro Spider: The Test - Itsy Bitsy Spider

    Determined not to let Roland’s Micro Cube and Vox’s DA5 be the only contenders for portable-amp champ, Line 6 has entered the ring with its Micro Spider.

Users reviews

iamqman's review

Line 6 Micro Spider
This is the most basic version of the spider series from Line 6. This thing is an inexpensive amp modeling amp that is fit for practice and silent playing. You can play this amp silently in your home or office with the use of some headphones and your guitar.

This is a basic amp that only has four amp models and the basic effects such as chorsu, phaser, delay, tremelo, flanger, and reverb. Those are pretty much all you need of for something like this. You don't need and overload of options since the basic premise of this thing is to keep it small, compact, and easy.

Line 6 Micro Spider Features:

* Four amp models including Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane
* One acoustic amp model
* Six Smart Control FX including Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Sweep Echo (with tap tempo), Tape Echo (with tap tempo), and Reverb
* Pod 2.0-style direct output
* 1/4" microphone input with dedicated mic trim knob
* Mini stereo MP3/CD input
* 1/4" instrument input
* 1/4" headphone output
* Integrated chromatic tuner with note-name display
* Powered by six C batteries
* AC adapter included
* 6-watt, 6.5" speaker
* 9.5" W x 10" H x 7" D
* 7 lbs


Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Power 6W
Speakers 1 x 6.5" Speaker
EQ Bass, Mid, Treble
Amp Modeling
Number of Models 5 Amp Models
Preamp Tubes No Tubes
Power Tubes No Tubes
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x MP3 (1/8"), 1 x Mic (1/4")
Outputs 1 x Direct Out/Headphone (1/4")
Footswitch I/O
No Effects Loop
Height 10"
Width 9.5"
Depth 7"
Weight 7 lbs.
Notes Battery or AC Powered (6 x C Batteries)


The tone of this amp isn't anything special. It doesn't in any way sound like a real tube amp. This thing is thin and metallic sounding at its best. It doesn't really matter what guitar that you use with it since the tone is not good what so ever.

I would recommend a Gibson Les Paul or another guitar with a humbucker pickup installed. Since the tone is irritating the end the only real way you can get through a jamming session with this thing is to cover up as much of the tone with effects as you can.


At new these amps come in at around $130, which isn't bad for the amount of options you get from this little box. You get all that you need to get a decent run through of your guitar. Hopefully you get a good guitar to play this amp with because otherwise you'll get a trash can worth of terrible guitar sounds.

I would only recommend his to anyone who needs a cheap practice amp. You pretty much get what you pay for with this amp. Not going to be an exceptional tone but enough for the price and the purpose of the unit itself.

Marmotte666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Micro Spider
A small 6-watt amp batteries offer several modlisations amp and a variety of effects.


The amp is simple to use, the interface range spider has a proven and well dcline MODEL trs on this compact, it is immediately brands.


In terms of sound against, that's another matter if the distortions are aggressive on his high rjouissantes ERRF, Micro Spider hardly offer its saturated REALLY exploitable hello porridge with sound last two channels. A micro cube is doing much better in this register and possde more punch.
That said the channel is clean and enjoyable crunch is rather enjoyable but I do not recommend this amp clearly mtalleux apprentices.


Despite its pleasant interface and enjoyable look, this micro spider really ple compared to the figure of Roland MODEL. If you apprciez modlisations the line 6 amp, opt for an amp possdant more safe to REALLY enjoy it.