Yamaha THR10C
Yamaha THR10C

THR10C, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Yamaha in the THR series.

Makos 05/11/2014

Yamaha THR10C : Makos's user review

«  With your Yamaha guitars are already mixed! »

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All these data are available on the website of the brand ...
I just add that this model, "10C", offers sound amp oriented Blues / Rock / Jazz, with models of Fender, Vox typical of the genre.
For the rest it offers everything that the range offers.


Whether amp "room", fill, of hifi mini (via USB or Aux), sound card, this Yamaha is excellent. Also works with 8 AA batteries, its nomadic nature is undeniable. All settings are accessible and provide good responsiveness. The latter giving a real impression of dealing with a real guitar amp.
The separation of volumes "Guitar" and "USB / AUX" is coming to find suitable volume between the guitar sound and an audio track "back-track". The tuner is accurate.
The software provided for Mac or PC lets go a little further in the setting of the machine. Its interface is simple, enjoyable. No worries use on Mac for me.


In fact, this little device provides benefits Hifi, simply connect an external source and send a bit of jazz, rock and classical to see that the class D amp and the HP system are this quality. So when you plug a guitar above, you can hear as if it came from the track on a CD, it is like "already mixed". But where Yamaha has just seen is that the signal obtained is not a caricature, it is "canning" but good. That branch there an electric guitar, acoustic, or bass, this little amp sounds great with sufficient power. Box necessarily lacks bass but ingeniously, the overall balance of frequencies is captured in a consistent manner, the effect is "already mixed" and it is credible.
In addition, as mentioned above, it will serve as mini hi-fi with the same sound quality.


Undeniable success of the brand with the three forks. It sells like hotcakes despite a slightly higher price. The opportunity, in my case, was preferable.
This little amp "do it all" is very pleasant to use and understand, consistent in what it offers as benefits. A very good product.