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Mp3 Player Software news

  • New iKlax Player 2.0 for PC & Mac

    New iKlax Player 2.0 for PC & Mac

    07/24/08 in iKlax Music Player 3.0

    The latest 2.0 version of iKlax Player is now available and downloadable.

  • Waves Ltd. Maxxstream

    Waves Ltd. Maxxstream

    07/09/08 in Waves Maxxstream

    Waves Introduces Maxxstream Software For Streaming Media

  • [NAMM] Magix Mufin MusicFinder

    [NAMM] Magix Mufin MusicFinder

    01/22/08 in Magix Mufin MusicFinder

    MAGIX is the first to present a software packet that automatically finds and then plays music that matches the user's