Magix Music Software user reviews

  • Magix Samplitude 7 Pro

    Magix Samplitude 7 Pro - Bambi38's review


    Nothing wrong SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Nothing wrong OVERALL OPINION And nothing wrong. Perfect …

  • Magix Music Maker 2005

    Magix Music Maker 2005 - RajaSan's review


    that I am not a pro of computer music, and I at the base of video editing. Installation without problem, to say anything with my sound card incorporates the motherboard. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE P4 2Ghz, 1GB ram. While it's true, not too sandy…

  • Magix Musiker Maker 2003

    Magix Musiker Maker 2003 - analogue saw's review


    I mm2003 since 2003 and I had no particular problem in instalation no incompatibility (standart sound blaster sound card) I had Kelka crash tamp time but nothing serious I find that to drive vst it is widely Sufis SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It…

  • Magix Music Studio 7

    Magix Music Studio 7 - jubjub's review


    Simple installation by an animation. I have no problems of incompatibility. The manual is quite are explained on the sound card, MIDI etc ... Good for beginners! a pdf of the manual is provided. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Amd xp 18…

  • Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe - Shiloh's review


    (Precision: I'm beginners in the computer music but this is my second "real" After a few freeware software, and version 4.8 of Emagic Micrologic, which give me the nausea) No problem for installation. The software contains some MIDI, an audio, ins…

  • Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe - JeanChrist's review


    Implementation: installation without problems, but I said that I had no other CAM software on the PC (a laptop with a novation Speedio). (Another installation on a second pc has caused me some difficulties in MIDI, but I think it was mostly the sound…

  • Magix Music Studio 6

    Magix Music Studio 6 - louloutazele's review


    Intallation problem on pc without pintium DDRAM 4512 MB chipset SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE See if any top high performance stability problem OVERALL OPINION I use it for 2 years and do it again I repeat it allowed me to enrgister many quality mo…

  • Magix Music Studio 7 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 7 Deluxe - drlucky's review


    Install OK, the whole is rather clear. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Not too demanding in terms of power and memory. OVERALL OPINION In my view largely as effective see a large number of products that are worth up to 20 times its price. This softwa…

  • Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe - rootoutou's review


    Although cheap, really chuis of not being able to affect a VSTi with studio noon. I dmerde out by spares and effect on the output but it is not the answer! Since time immemorial mixers have a respectable level of an insert between any!! I prfre…

  • Magix Audio Cleanic 2003

    Magix Audio Cleanic 2003 - charlatan transfer's review


    Simple Installation PC Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, Windows XP No problems running No crashes on this application Used for 6 months for transplanting the old K7 records or reporting of Minidisc. Its interface is enjoyable to upload, process and expo…