Magix Music Software user reviews

  • Magix Audio Cleanic 2004 Deluxe

    Magix Audio Cleanic 2004 Deluxe - Titi35's review


    I bought this software to redo a small health care vinyl that I possde. Installation is no problem. Its use is explained not with a manual but with fairly well-made video. That said, a person familiar with the techniques of the DJ's will fully us…

  • Magix Music Studio 2003 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2003 Deluxe - 1200mat's review


    Apart from the manual which is almost nothing considering the number of pages, the implementation is a simplicity Drout. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE P4, 1064Mo of ram, 80GB drive, sound card compatible sound blaster 64 It turns nickel. Never had a …

  • Magix Music Maker 2003 Deluxe

    Magix Music Maker 2003 Deluxe - Tsherlay's review


    The implementation is very simple, at first we bought the standard version and then you pay for the unlock code (Internet or telephone) of the deluxe version total: € 79 (520F) ATTENTION valid only if an item you wish to re -install should ask for an…

  • Magix Music Maker 6

    Magix Music Maker 6 - abigor's review


    No problem of compatibilitbr /> configuration very simple and intuitive simple manual but insufisant SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Atlona 1.4 g, 640 SDRAM (but jai turns the soft no problem with 256) Aureon 5.1fun good performance, often editing th…

  • Magix Music Studio 2003 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2003 Deluxe - Eatyone's review


    Problem installing on w2k no sound card configuration ... no worries .... Manuel is a light for someone who does not know much ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE PIII 1Ghz 512 MB Hoontech ada2000 DSP24 +, no problem to use, this config is more than suff…

  • Magix Music Studio 6 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 6 Deluxe - billhart's review


    I am a beginner and I like this software but a shame that the manufacturers do not think about us and into their software "little progress" in order to be helped in the early stages of development because I made so far is concretely shit and it goes …

  • Magix Samplitude 7 Pro

    Magix Samplitude 7 Pro - Grok's review


    It is clear and logical, there is not much sr dispens open the manual (online), English for the moment (French version prvue to March 2003) SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE My config: Athlon 700MHz Slot a first generation, 768 MB PC100 SDRAM, UDMA 66, mre…

  • Magix Music Studio 2003 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2003 Deluxe - Porridge14's review


    Installation could not be easier. I use the program on Windows XP and I had no bug, which was not the case with "Music & Video Maker" (from the same manufacturer) ... The manual hovers over the functions of the software, but it will be happening soon…

  • Magix Music Maker 6

    Magix Music Maker 6 - Tsherlay's review


    Installing RAS Accounting Standard Quick and easy config Clear Manual SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE On P3 1Ghz RAS but we need 128 qd same Mini PCI sound card or Pro, it works well idalie performance for beginners in computer music, input sampl…

  • Magix Music Studio 7

    Magix Music Studio 7 - Jackyetcorbier's review


    Trs simple installation. No significant problem. No incompatibility. The manual is friendly but not trs pro: translation from German to franais rather rough, missed half of the software functions. One solution, Tuva manuals and audio logic samp…