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  • [Musikmesse] GEM GRP-910

    [Musikmesse] GEM GRP-910

    03/15/08 in GEM GRP 910

    GEM presents their GRP 910, a digital Realpiano grand.

  • [Musikmesse] Roland RG-1

    [Musikmesse] Roland RG-1

    03/15/08 in Roland RG-1

    Roland has unveiled their RG-1 Digital Grand Piano.

  • [Musikmesse] A Flute in C Flat!

    [Musikmesse] A Flute in C Flat!

    03/14/08 in Viento Querflöten FL 100 R-Ces

    VIENTO Querflöten presents a real novelty at the Musikmesse 2008 in Frankfurt: The VIENTO FL 100 R-Ces, a transversal concert flute, but pitched in the key of Cb.

  • [Musikmesse] The Kelstone

    [Musikmesse] The Kelstone

    03/12/08 in Kelstone Kelstone

    Music Messe Frankfurt: a new instrument will be officially introduced to the audience: The Kelstone.

  • [Musikmesse] Steingraeber & Söhne D-232

    [Musikmesse] Steingraeber & Söhne D-232

    03/12/08 in Steingraeber & Söhne D-232

    New Semiconcert Grand from Steingraeber & Söhne.

  • [Musikmesse] Casio AP-200

    [Musikmesse] Casio AP-200

    03/12/08 in Casio AP-200

    Casio announces the New CELVIANO AP-200.

  • The Rhodes 's Come Back

    The Rhodes 's Come Back

    01/31/08 in Rhodes Mark 7 Stage 73 A

    It's been almost 25 years since the legendary Rhodes brand disappeared from the scene. Now it's time for a come back.

  • [NAMM] Roland RD-700GX and RD-300GX

    [NAMM] Roland RD-700GX and RD-300GX

    01/28/08 in Roland RD-300GX

    The famous Roland RD series is getting bigger with the RD-700GX and the RD-300GX.