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  • Suzuki classic SCG-20 Seville

    Suzuki classic SCG-20 Seville - mikeulkeul666's review


    - In what country does she makes? is a Japanese - How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration? 19 frets, but after the douxime it any more accessible and the sound is lousy trs. - What type of race? b1 is al normal every …

  • Vicente Carrillo 1A Flamenco Blanca

    Vicente Carrillo 1A Flamenco Blanca - jmsimon's review


    A Casasimarro, a small village in the province of Cuenca, guitars are built from the eighteenth century. One such workshop was quil in the years to 1755, silent directed by greater pre Rear rear of Vicente Carrillo ... So we can say that's a long sto…

  • Alhambra Guitars 2C

    Alhambra Guitars 2C - roman66's review


    Made in Spain, Valencia prs, here are the classical guitar spcificits ... English ... TOP: Solid German Spruce or Red Cedar BACK & SIDES: Laminated Mahogany NECK: Mahogany Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood MACHINE_HEADS: Nickel Plated …

  • Yamaha C80

    Yamaha C80 - musikman1985's review


    I do not know the place of manufacture in Asia given the price. Channel 19 boxes Nato Nato back and sides Chevallet button and rosewood natural color with a gloss Mechanical gold Mechanical plastic buttons which shows that it is a low-end…

  • Stagg C542

    Stagg C542 - Tionline's review


    Guitar hand painted plywood, finish and provided questionable mcaniques whose sensitivity depends on the rope. (But nothing thundering given the price) UTILIZATION This guitar is playable trs and a tactile point of view, we find the same sensatio…

  • Almansa 457

    Almansa 457 - peo81's review


    Made in my home town of Almansa in Spain, 18 frets, neck enjoyable, traditional varnish type finish very late so fragile, the guitar is completely solid wood (rosewood back and sides), mahogany neck with reinforced button bne, the mcaniques are quali…

  • Samick LC-015G

    Samick LC-015G - Geckoworld's review


    Made of indonsie UTILIZATION Mance enjoyable trs Not too easy to accder highest notes Ergonomics is very well (ca 4 / 4) The sound is soft but powerful and trs is still clear SOUNDS To some, while it is well aateur OVERALL OPINION 1…

  • Patenotte Classical Guitar

    Patenotte Classical Guitar - alainculte's review


    Made in France (a mataincourt in the Vosges!) 18 Freight handle that retrcit to the head. I prefer this kind in the right sleeve. UTILIZATION The handle and trs enjoyable but access is limited to acute by the return of the handle of the HIAL …

  • Bernabé m40

    Bernabé m40 - fabcat's review


    Manufacture high level by the Spanish luthier Paulino Bernabe MODEL is a concert! trs picea beautiful table, back and sides Indian rosewood first choice, reinforced handle with key bene rosewood head plate, mechanical high-end but I do not identi…

  • Paul Beuscher BP 400

    Paul Beuscher BP 400 - patvmax's review


    JAPAN. it must be between 20 and 25 .. it still sounds great !!!!! UTILIZATION This is a typical classic .. and high quality .. I had been offered in 79 or 80, I think. SOUNDS She has aged very well .. I do not know who made this beautiful, a…