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  • Admira Monica

    Admira Monica - nzf69's review


    Classical guitar made in northern Spain ZARAUTH (Guipuzcoa). Solid cedar top, back and sides mongoy, bridge mongoy, mechanical nickel. mahogany neck, button mongoy. UTILIZATION Conventional handle (52cm under saddle) necessarily pleasant does…

  • Almirez Dreadnought

    Almirez Dreadnought - Dryfe's review


    -Almirez, made in France -21 Boxes What else to say, it smells a little plasticky and it looks like plywood UTILIZATION Channel-a blunt is a little too flat (love handles well round), but easy to play. Trslgre-guitar, wood boff boff, nic…

  • Stagg C542

    Stagg C542 - mrsandman's review


    Made in China has a handle big enough to beginners therefore impractical for small hands (in my case!) But you get used pretty quickly. UTILIZATION Channel quite enjoyable though a little big but its good quality trs. SOUNDS Then I really thi…

  • Amalio Burguet 3M

    Amalio Burguet 3M - SpOuNz's review


    ... UTILIZATION ... SOUNDS ... OVERALL OPINION Classical Guitar Spanish luthier the Amalio Burguet http://www.burguet.com/c3m.htm …

  • Alvaro 25

    Alvaro 25 - metallina's review


    Made (I assume) in Spain. Classical guitar so body-neck junction was the 12th case (inconvenient). String action a little high, but it manages quite easily I think. Beautiful wood, especially for the neck and back, pretty rose, good quality finis…

  • Alhambra Guitars 3F

    Alhambra Guitars 3F - freenix's review


    Guitar made in Spain, more precisely Muro de Alcoy Flamenco is one, the woods are solid German spruce for the table, the sycamore laminate (a kind of rosewood) for éclises and back. When the handle to it's mahogany and rosewood fingerboard. As fo…

  • Ramirez R1

    Ramirez R1 - lavoi's review


    Spain but not in the workshop Ramirez first model to study the brand, solid cedar table, solid mahogany back and wicker covers, key bne Good finish, rglages correct handle large enough Caution The models suprieurs (except R2 and R3 R4) are not …

  • Yamaha CG111C

    Yamaha CG111C - sthamouhaktuparles's review


    T says it all this. UTILIZATION The neck is wide but thin enough rsonnablement order to make the bars, like all classical guitars quoi.Personnellement, access to the Augustinian is not practical at all: the strings are ten times too much space do…

  • Yamaha CG111C

    Yamaha CG111C - BadLink's review


    Made in Tawan, 18 frets, solid cedar table, back, neck and wicker covers in nato, fingerboard and bridge: rosewood, mechanical chrome finish natural. UTILIZATION The handle is enjoyable although a little too large has got me especially when you a…

  • Hohner HC06

    Hohner HC06 - Anonyme's review


    Flamenco Guitar factory in Taiwan. UTILIZATION Very enjoyable round, with a relatively sharp Access in possible. the guitar is trs Legris. SOUNDS It does not really suit my musical style, however, she appeals to ammateurs flamenco.la of sou…