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  • Alhambra Guitars 4P

    Alhambra Guitars 4P - Helmantica's review


    Spanish manufacturing Solid Cedar Table Net body and rosewood key bne I would add that mine has the mcaniques pearl and gilt, class! UTILIZATION Channel width, the key is a real rgale bne is trslgre and enjoyable play. Personally I th…

  • Takamine Jasmine

    Takamine Jasmine - 7ender's review


    My MODEL has a cutaway to the acute accder more easily. If not bin it perfect, I'm glad trs. Deplus, a friend introduced me luthier LR Baggs preamp and from above .... wwwouaouuuuuu. Good attention to feedback if you play back on scne. UTILIZATIO…

  • Antonio Picado 54

    Antonio Picado 54 - diel's review


    Spain, classical his brilliant, nervous and hot, I lves advises that a great desire to express themselves lgre building, but holds well in the hard UTILIZATION It's so openly all issues SOUNDS Suitable for all standard directory, a little…

  • Yamaha CG150CA

    Yamaha CG150CA - Tionline's review


    Factory Tawan, 19 boxes. Ovankol body, table pica Masif, rosewood fingerboard. Channel classic standard, so wide, thick and well rounded. UTILIZATION The handle is trs enjoyable, it slides properly and even if it is a classical guitar is easi…

  • Alhambra Guitars 7P

    Alhambra Guitars 7P - patrice.goyaud's review


    In the range of classical guitars brand Alhambra, this is the first model built entirely of wood massifs: German spruce top very clear sides and back Solid Rosewood looks good enough but still does not seem to a first choice if I compare it to Indian…

  • Yamaha C40

    Yamaha C40 - karpe's review


    Spruce Meranti back and wicker covers Neck Nato Rosewood UTILIZATION Guitar beginners beginners and when one is not careful forcment dtails which will become more important with the exprience and ear s'agurit. That said, the coating of th…

  • Admira Rosario

    Admira Rosario - Bougniaf's review


    - Traditional classical guitar made in Spain - Price to buy: € 175 UTILIZATION - Handle very pleasant to the touch, even if it lacks a bit of "slipped" but this is a significant point, the handle is very good. - Regarding the size of the hand…

  • Esteve 1.104

    Esteve 1.104 - Droujty's review


    Made in Spain 19 frets UTILIZATION Channel plutt enjoyable, a bit hard to handle Access in acute compliqubr /> Good ergonomics Its got good only with an advanced level in classical guitar or acoustic SOUNDS Trs not sound varies Classi…

  • Admira Rosario

    Admira Rosario - jaram's review


    Fabricado-in Spanish Hand- UTILIZATION -Round enjoyable -Lgre enjoyable and ergonomics SOUNDS -Classical guitar / flamenco Trs-good sound OVERALL OPINION Excellent guitar-learning + Buy-in Spain 120 …

  • Artis Classical Guitar

    Artis Classical Guitar - bigor 30's review


    This is a small classical guitar Deutsche everything simple. I have supper to be largely in plywood. Its finish is matt varnish, it does not dcoration Submitted or embellishment, or pan shot. It seems that "manufacturing model is Portuguese. …