Motion Sound KBR-3D
Motion Sound KBR-3D

KBR-3D, Organ from Motion Sound.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
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teych's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It can do everything"

Motion Sound KBR-3D
Versatile stereo amplifier, keyboards / Leslie clone, all in one.

Amplification: 100/100 watts RMS full range
45 watts RMS> 800 Hz rotary, tube preamp 12AX7EH
Answer: Full Range 50-15 kHz ± 5 dB
Trompe 600 Hz-8 kHz
HP: 2 x 10 "Eminence Beta 250-watt, 8 ohm
2 x 80-watt tweeters 3.5x3.5, 8 ohms
80-watt 1.2 MS rotatable horn, 8 ohms
Mono Inputs for organ with gain settings (lamp), 2 volumes, brightness and two-point equalization, a jack for speed control.
Two stereo inputs (one switchable mode expand) provided with two separate volumes, and expand a set of equalization a common 3 points.
On the back:
Two XLR outputs, two line inputs, an output rotary dry, the volumes of the two internal microphones.

Dimensions: 53.3 x 62.2 x 41.9 cm,
Weight: 31.8 kg

Supplied with 4 wheels and a double pedal for speed control and brake, a doc in English.


I use the 3D KRB set to amplify the following keyboards:
- An MP5
- A Motif rack
- A XK1

The piano is connected to the normal stereo input, the rack on the input provided with the option expand (very interesting on the Rodes or vibras) and the organ in front of the mono tube preamp. I do not use any of the effects of internal XK1 except reverb.

Mixing my hand keyboards to the PA via the XLR.


The bass is amazing for 10 inches, at least very adequate and fairly round for my taste, the stereo is present if properly position the amp, and the party Leslie is very convincing.

If I wanted to quibble, I might regret the absence of a drum for the bass of the organ, but it is impossible to fit in the box, unless you add a floor to the craft.


The concept of a stereo amplifier plus a clone of Leslie perfectly matches the configuration that I play keyboards on stage, and I guess this is the case for many of us. I am surprised that no manufacturer have thought of earlier. The sound for me, weight is not excessive, the original look but seriously. After two year of use in all kinds of conditions and many miles, not a single failure.

I have some minor criticisms to make, however. This brand is very poorly distributed in Europe, or at least was at the time of my purchase. Since, as I understand it appears in the catalog of a famous Prussian online store, but at a price that is breathtaking.

On the other hand, the speed settings and acceleration time and fall are not easily accessible: you almost entirely remove the amp to achieve them. Fortunately, the factory settings are essentially those of a 144, which suits me perfectly, but it will not necessarily be the case for everyone. It would have been easier to deport these four knobs on the front, although it should not be used once.

In summary, despite these minor caveats, I feel that this amp was designed and built for me. My opinion is necessarily subjective, but I share it.

frontenay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Motion Sound KBR-3D

I use this amp for my Nord Stage 88 and especially for my Nord C1.


The sound is powerful, round and mellow bass left hand of the organ or pedal are there! This is a matter of adjustment, the two HPs of 10 inches are very good at their job. The leslie effect is remarkable and the effect doepler is very present.


The response of the amplifier is quick and precise, which gives are "punchy" and powerful.
The tube preamp does its job wonderfully.


I use it for 1 year and it's always the same pleasure to use.

I think it's simply the best keyboard amp current.

I would do without hesitation that choice.

It is a bit difficult to find, especially in Europe because distributors Motion Sound are rare!

In conclusion, I recommend it to anyone looking for a sound that is warm, soft and powerful.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Motion Sound KBR-3D
This is a keyboard amp, relatively compact, heavy. It is stro, so possde 2 speakers of 10 inches for low frquences and two 3.5-inch HF. They are in a certain angle disposs for "distributing" the sound of two cents too. Simple concept, but that works quite Manir thunder.

There are 2 inputs "expand" (Stereo) and 2 between classical (Stereo). Expand both the entries that have this little extra that is actually an effect that spatialized sound even further. A three-band EQ lets you change the sound, and always a musical Manir trs.

Otherwise, the ct left, there are two inputs (mono) for connecting an organ, or CLNE. The entrance is located before a prampli lamps and an EQ.

At the rear there yammer two XLR outputs symmtriques to signal gnrale a console. The ingnieurs will be even more happy ... no need for DI. There is also the possibility of rgler the level of two microphones situs of the tubes 2 cts of Leslie (the indoor).

For a more complete keyboard player, it's hard ...

One downside, the weight. Prs of 40 kg. But there are grips on the practical ct.


Trs simple to use. Finally keyboards that possdent Stereo samples (such as pianos) or other sounds with good stro effects are amplified as they should. Printing spatialization is really fabulous. An electric piano with an auto-pan going really well right from left.
An organ sound with a feeble internal simulation just take the entire dimension.

The rglages are clear, yammer values ​​proposed by the manufacturer that are surrounded around the knobs.

The only thing not practical for the rotor speed rgler suprieur his acclration must leave the speakers on your checks circuits ... The trim-pots on the reports 'collection outdoor would be more appropriate.


For the size, I must admit it's pretty impressive! Boti and one sound so vast and wide. I use a Clavia Nord Stage, the two main outputs of the channel deuxime stro, and I played the sounds of acoustic piano, tablecloths, clavinet, CP-70, Wurly, and so on. ..
The first channel Stereo (expand) is used for the Fender Rhodes (with Stereo prampli Intgr with trmolo), the sound is just incredible. It is also clear that if the basic sound of the instrument is good, it will also be better on this amp.
The organ is taken from an auxiliary output of the Nord Stage Compact, in mono and with the internal simulation dclenche. It really does .... The KBR-3D EHJV lacks a bit of the bottom of the spectrum. It is logical that two 10-inch chssis will not have the same frequencies and rponse in the same heat as roughly 15 inches. Just do not push too hard on the bottom. For the BMG is not IDAL, say it right now. And not the vocation Premire of this amp.

I would say that the average sound volume, it sounds great. Really. A large volume, the sound loses its flavor.


It is expensive ... trs Europen expensive for us. United States (the product below) is almost 40% cheaper. But for someone looking for a compact amp with good sound for playing in small clubs, it gnial. Or simply to have a good return on stro scne who transcribed the sound as it should be.

Why do guitarists, bassists have great instruments and amps height, while we keyboardists, we have instruments that are worth sometimes thousands of Euros, and is content to play back a mono scne its a rotten? A good amp, Stereo sound with great quality is always a pleasure to play.

I therefore recommend no hsitation.

But I put 8 / 10 prize to the views of trs lev. (Approx. 1700 Euros new)