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  • Farfisa SuperBravo

    Farfisa SuperBravo - thorfin666's review


    This is a great ABSOLUTELY electronic organ. You tell me the sounds are all alike, the beat is zero, I agree but its charm, the sound is 70/80 ery nice I could spend hours there. I accompanied a group of Reggae with it was a true regale, touch is s…

  • Hammond XB-1

    Hammond XB-1 - chatouille39's review


    CHARACTERISTICS already described above. Emulation numrique an electromechanical instrument ... The unit is well built and is rather cute. UTILIZATION I had a XB1 XB2 before and I must say that evolution is the norm. The user is now ergonomic c…

  • Hohner DG 24

    Hohner DG 24 - Anonyme's review


    Good UTILIZATION Trs clear SOUNDS Pure OVERALL OPINION Excellent instrument. The only one who reminds me of the great console Cliquot which I am co owner …

  • Bontempi B3

    Bontempi B3 - gwenmollo's review


    Any organ con, ventilation, and two keyboard is gone. UTILIZATION It bases its rings. SOUNDS The sound is sweet, mlodica or accordion. OVERALL OPINION I just bought it on ebay (3ou4 new sales per week) for 10 It's plastic, but hey fo…

  • Hammond XB-1

    Hammond XB-1 - cafe93220's review


    I possde the XB-1 from dj 5 years. It's been a while since I wanted to leave a post, so let's go! 61-key keyboard, touch synth. A total of 64 sounds in memory. It can stepfather little, but the principle of this keyboard is to use the Co…

  • Vox Jaguar

    Vox Jaguar - baxbrin's review


    Four octaves, without after touch, a keyboard and a case ngatif red and black, all on chrome legs: it has a unique look. 4 basic sounds mlangeables, and had a vibrato knob of Tone ("contour"). The positive gnre keyboard bass (adjustable volume) the s…

  • Magnus Orgue 3 octaves

    Magnus Orgue 3 octaves - gwenmollo's review


    It is a small organ sales year 60-70. 3 octaves and a few chords and more on the cot. There is no rglage. UTILIZATION Ras SOUNDS The sound is nice, the blower is not powerful, the sound is not powerful. OVERALL OPINION I bought 20euro…

  • Antonelli Golden Organ 2411

    Antonelli Golden Organ 2411 - asair's review


    It is not an analog or a digital, it works with air (wind) The presets? Agreements by the addition of bass. UTILIZATION Too simple. As a mechanical organ, one can play with the sensitivity of phonies. SOUNDS Sounds at first sight somewhat s…

  • Bontempi HIT ORGAN

    Bontempi HIT ORGAN - **naPOLEoN**'s review


    Electric organ very simple with 8 buttons agreements left hand and a keyboard 25 keys right hand, he released a sound very close to the accordion, it looks like the one used on pieces of Bjork in "early" and other ... . Mine works very well despite…

  • Farfisa FAST 3

    Farfisa FAST 3 - Stph's review


    - Organ electron transistors released in 1968. - 4 octaves. - Fully polyphonic. - 7 presets sound combined on four octaves: Bass 16 '/ Clarinet 16' / Flute 8 '/ Oboe 8' / Trumpet 8 '/ 8 Strings' / Flute 4'. - Vibrato 2 speed. - The octave…