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  • Leslie 770

    Leslie 770 - 2066 & then's review


    This is a Leslie, so a combo amp (usually for Hammond organ, but adaptable for other instruments, including guitar, piano and vocals), the tweeter and woofer, located on an axis vertical, respectively, to send their sound a horn and a double chamber …

  • Hammond L100 P

    Hammond L100 P - 9703michel's review


    Model Spinet (2x44/ped 13) foldable crate very strong and massive. We greatly appreciate the rigidity of the entire organ mounted. It is an instrument to play and really easy to handle. 2 outputs and a 6-pin jack. 3 percussion 2 vibratos sp…

  • Wurlitzer 4573

    Wurlitzer 4573 - 9703michel's review


    Organ furniture (Louis XVI ignoble) 2 keyboards 61 notes, 25 pedal notes. Lack console "horseshoe" like his brothers has pipes! UTILIZATION At home or in concert, there is heavy furniture and unwieldy, so little chance to cross on stage. In the s…

  • Eminent 220/27

    Eminent 220/27 - JMH's review


    Superb furniture and wood console pdalier clear 2 large 5-octave keyboard + pdalier wood 2 octaves 1 / 4 (27 ratings) UTILIZATION Easy. Only one function per button. SOUNDS Trs organ sounds hot. Beautiful sounds of violins: the strings …

  • Viscount PRESTIGE I

    Viscount PRESTIGE I - ludu's review


    Trs good quip. UTILIZATION Manuel imprcis and full of mistakes but well Designed instrument. SOUNDS As a CD with excellent sound recording. The rverbration could be more caring. OVERALL OPINION Excellent qualitprix. The absolute best in t…

  • Crumar Organizer T1

    Crumar Organizer T1 - benjamin3's review


    It is a Hammond clone of the 80 Italian ', 5 octaves with some sense be the synth bass to accompany his left hand. The polyphony is complete and the party organ for monophonic bass. For the party organ, it has a section Drawbars, with classical har…

  • Hohner ORGANETTA 3

    Hohner ORGANETTA 3 - Morzini's review


    The cutest electric organ blower The sound is halfway between the mlodica and accordion. Trs a beautiful object whose extreme simplicity is the main quality. As tural use to find a musical, well will have to widen the head. Me it DCORE my…

  • Roland VK-8

    Roland VK-8 - Poupoun69's review


    Waterfall keyboard (I think). No pitch bend Controller (too bad, but a real organ does not ...), drawbars, D-beam (nice), percussion ... 5 octave keyboard. Stro output / mono, midi in / out / thru, sustain, volume, and to control the pedals by …

  • Roland VK-7

    Roland VK-7 - YannTaillade's review


    Reverb, Overdrive, leslie, zippers, everything is hand door between outputs of exp pedals, leslie, midi in out Unlimited polyphony UTILIZATION TRS is simple, like an organ manual almost too long SOUNDS The sounds are excellent in rhythm…

  • Roland VK-7

    Roland VK-7 - Appoggiator's review


    Combo with piano and organ ... I remember too ... Key synth (this is important) because not great for playing the organ. Connectivity fairly complete memory. Not editable via computer UTILIZATION Config simple. selection button. zippers …