Cort Sunset NY
Cort Sunset NY

Sunset NY, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Cort in the Sunset series.

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bob rob 03/12/2017

Cort Sunset NY : bob rob's user review

"An amazing instrument"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
am a Jazz and Samba player, I do not use a pick. I needed a versatile guitar and Godin, the supreme, was my target.
I run into a music store in Paris, and I saw that guitar in the window it looked great.
I never played a Cort before. To me it was always Gibson period.
I know the manager of the store a great nice guy.
He told me, try the guitar, I did, I was mesmerized on the spot.
I never buy anything important on the spot, I prefer to leave and let it grow in me.
15mnts later I was back, I bought the guitar.
I never looked back, its an amazing instrument, especially for Samba and Jazz.
Everything about that guitar is great, the sound, the neck so easy, the craft, it's also a beautiful guitar.The weight is an essential asset if u gig a lot.
The empty resonance chamber gives so much power.
As far as budget it's undervalued, it's worth much more than 500 bucks...;)