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opmcf 07/02/2012

Blueridge BR 341 : opmcf's user review

«  A great little 10/10 »

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Guitar Parlor type or size 0, a remake of the years 1910 to 1920 Martin Parlor, has run off 12 boxes non-cash Strings steels
Produced by SAGA music in China but by Chinese luthier, not a subcontractor of a great brand and it changes everything.

Solid sitka spruce top-of very good quality, well cut to the neighborhood
Mahogany Back and Sides-assif
Channel-piece Mahogany
-Ebony fingerboard
Ebony bridge-
Frets-on OS
Net cash-dark plastic tortoise shell type
Channel-50mm at nut and 12 frets non-cash
Channel V very shallow ... between the V and D
Gotoh Tuners-steel / nickel, black plastic button.
Sold-mounted in ropes ligth phosphorus bronzeD'Addario 16 EXP
-No decoration outrageous, the bare minimum, just the abalone for three key points.


The guitar is very light, has a handle to set the action very well really easy to play, it seems that the notes come out effortlessly.

The small size of the guitar makes it very convenient, basically it is a folk with the dimensions of a classical guitar.

The sound is at once excellent and the guitar requires no effort to sound. Harmonics come easily, the current (boxes 5,7,12) but also the other cells (3.9, etc ...)

Access to acute fits like a classic to the boxes 15 after it's acrobatics :)

The guitar is beautifully set. Nothing to touch, Action optimum, no frieze, anything that moves. It changes these guitars where to start it all again before you can play!


The sound of this guitar is really, really good.
Excellent balance of low, mid, high, nothing dominates, everything sounds in harmony.
The bass is deep and light effect without "boom boom" sound is not dull but light and the whole guitar is vibrating it's really nice.

Played right, we just discern each note shatter it greatly facilitates the game because you can easily find his notes during improvisation etc. ...

The projection and volume are truly amazing. The small sizes are sometimes a thin sound, metal and boxy, nothing like that here, it sounds as loud as my Yamaha LJ16 and I even played to accompany a baby grand piano without feeling of be drowned by the piano.

I had read excellent reviews on U.S. forum but true I confirm that guitar has a magical sound.

This guitar is not especially typical for a type of music she's doing very well for classical music, Celtic music, blues, folk etc ... in finger picking. For big sound, prevents the action of playing very low without rubbing frieze, but it's not really the guitar for rock ;)


I play this guitar recently but I think the play for very long.

This guitar has an exceptional value for money. It provides the sound quality of high-end American guitars but four times cheaper. When playing this guitar it seems to have really a musical instrument in the hands that will be able to express all that can be put without restriction.

Manufacturing super careful, not even in default hidden corners, everything is clean and sober.
The only downside, the buttons of plastic mechanical, but good mechanics that can be changed easily.

With experience of course I do it again and this choice rather than two times. I finally found the guitar that I missed the end of my long wandering in the shops!