Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar
Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar

Steel String Backpacker Guitar, Other Acoustic Guitar from Martin & Co in the Backpacker series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar

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jromep's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really a "sound journey" on the other hand with micro changes everything ..."

Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar


Limited access to acute. The original sound is reminiscent of a Ukulele just one guitar.
Usability not obvious - we look for the right way to stall without the strap is not easy. But eventually adapt -


The sound is pretty bad - but at the same time with a case of this size, it is not very surprising.


I have 2 years - I finally used very little - but it's nice to have a guitar that takes up so little space when traveling - this is for, it's good :)

And mostly I just added a piezo Martin Thinline 332 (amazon U.S.) and there is top - plugged into iRig and HP Bose type for iPhone (in the spirit of travel) or an amp that has nothing See - you can even have fun in and out sounds nice. It will come out much more often the case now.

I recommend the adaptation - it's pretty simple to finally follow the tutorial below

suttanacciu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar
Manufactured or I do not know I read more haut.c Mexico is an acoustic trip with an atypical round and round but you get large enough that it's like everything.
Count take notes because we are dealing with an acoustic guitar TRAVEL should not be mistaken as I read above.


The handle has nothing to do with the sleeves martin is wide and flat it does not look like a steel guitar there would be similar to a classic. it has easy access to acute gene there is no one goes to the last fret. the shape is weird and shaky balance, it looks next round. you can not put it on there knees can play with the strap. we must adapt his game to get her "properly".


It is not bad to finger picking or mediator, for the careful rhythmic sound is aggressive play so soft, it comes out anyway, given the size it was first surprised by the power (relatively speaking it does not sound like a large) but it surprises you wonder where that leaves Bravo Martin luthiers.
means many low mediums its there but it is the predominant acute enough.
I put seven sound considering it's a travel guitar for this type of instrument is very acceptable.


I have for over a year now and has rounded the sound, it sounds louder in the early months and aggressive.
few things to complain about it HOLDS mechanical issue not long tuning especially when you move the capo between songs. second thing I had some problems of accuracy on mine, I had to take him to the luthier for me to readjust the bridge saddle and even then it comes good but never really quite right. I paid 370 euros (a bit expensive you might say) but the thing is that I made a big fancy like her little mouth too and above all the face people make when I go out and especially when they hear ringing this small piece of wood. I love this little instrument and I would do it nonetheless, choose my little disappointments.
le reverend03/13/2004

le reverend's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co Steel String Backpacker Guitar
A "guitar" to stretch the fingers
No effect, no microphones, just a stick with strings on it. No adjustment handle (string "extralight" mandatory, otherwise hopelessly twisted wood (hopeless because there is no adjustment. You follow, or not?)
Mahogany neck, and the "sides" and "back". "Table" spruce. Closed mechanical (oil bath?)


Handle very short and very thick, completely different from a regular round Martin. It is very unpleasant, it feels like a log.
Access to acute easy, normal, there is almost no cash.
The interface is horrible, but the strap, it has no idea how to keep this machine. Placed on the thigh, it is much too low to play. In addition, the slightest movement of the left hand moves the position of the guitar because the body has no inertia, views its small size. All the weight is in the handle, the imbalance hello!

You do not get easily "good sound" because it does not get a good sound at all! (See more ...)


The sound is a "banjo hungry." Not too surprising, given that there is not a sounding board on a tiny table.
I had hoped for a miracle, like "a narrow but balanced." Nope, it's atrocious. it's plonck plonck, we play in picking or agreements.

I put as a means for something. ;-)


I am looking for a small guitar take with me when I travel by plane for the holidays.
When I saw that Martin had a backpacker in its catalog, I thought he was trying to get an opinion, and that perhaps it would be a good idea of ​​genius: a scraper for the holidays, that one can safely take into the cabin in airplanes.

Yuck yuck yuck yuck! How disappointed I am! I had hoped it would be so constructed to have a small but good sound anyway. After all, Martin is not the last factor of guitars, they may be a silver bullet.
Nothing to do, the laws of the violin are impitooyaaaableuuuu.

For a guitar, it is wood, you need a table, you need a crate. If we remove part of all this, we remove almost everything that makes the sound of a guitar. Unstoppable. But how naive I am.

I tried in the store, I have not bought.
A book so for those who want to train by agreeing without a headphone, and not looking on sound quality.
In addition, have to adapt to the special comfort of the machine is not won. But if there is that it does not reject, they will take. This program is very special reason my bill.

Here, suddenly, I even asked the price. Missing is it is expensive ....