Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber
Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber

SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber, Other Guitar Amp Parts & Accessories from Demeter.

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moosers 10/25/2011

Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber : moosers's user review


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The Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Cabinet is a unique speaker cabinet, designed for recording in places that might not be the most acoustically sound. Basically, it's a box that has a speaker inside of it that is closed off to the rest of world, providing pretty much complete isolation for your speaker. It's got XLR and 1/4" connections on the inside of it, and you can choose to get it either empty to put your own speaker or with a 12" Eminence speaker. In addition to recording, it's also useful on the stage for limiting your volume while still getting a full bodied guitar sound.

Setting up the Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Cabinet isn't difficult. Just put a your speaker in there and mic it up and you're good to go with complete isolation. You can crack it open too if you don't want it to be completely enclosed. The box is extremely sturdy and will take up a good amount of space.

I've used the Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Cabinet with a few different amplifier heads and the stock speaker that you can get it with and to me it sounds fantastic. I love that you can get varying degrees of isolation with this, as it's perfect for playing and recording late into the night without too much noise for the neighbors. If you've got a good amp and tone going into this, that's all you're going to need to get a fantastic guitar tone on tape.

The Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Cabinet is a great tool for recording, and a unique one at that. I've seen isolation cabinets, but none that are specifically designed for guitar and have their own speaker. The price of the SSC-1 is going to be good amount cheaper than your average isolation box and is a tool that can pay dividends for a long time. While maybe not worth it for everyone, if you want to crank your guitar up without it killing your ear drums in the studio or on the stage, this is a great tool to be aware of.