Manhattan Analog CVP

CVP, Other module for modular synthesizer from Manhattan Analog.

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Manhattan Analog CVP : $63.60

By Nuno Nunes via on 03/25/2020 - Expires in 87 days
Selling my Manhattan Analog CVP
It's in perfect condition 
I’ll swap the knobs to the original ones ( Dave Jones black knobs ) 

About CVP : 

The CVP combines several circuits for processing CV signals: an offset generator, a slew limiter and a polarizer. The output is dual and buffered which means you don't even need an active multiple.

OFFSET: adds a fixed offset voltage to the input signal which can be adjusted in the range of -5V to +5V.

GLIDE: a controllable slew limiter for smoothining abrupt voltage changes , creating portamento or simple AD envelopes with identlical times for attack and decay.

LEVEL: a bipolar attenuator, for controlling the input level and for inverting it.

The input signal is being passed non-processed to the socket marked with an arrow, it is a sort of "thru" socket. The processed signal is available at two parallel, buffered outputs so you can send the signal to several inputs without signal drop. The total gain is trimmed exactly to "1.00", making the CVP suitable for pitch CVs. Due to the buffered output it is possible to drive up to six VCOs in unison.

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Manhattan Analog CVP