Mutable Instruments Stages Segment generator
Mutable Instruments Stages Segment generator

Stages Segment generator, Other module for modular synthesizer from Mutable Instruments.

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Duration: 02:05 - Language: en - Added by Corbo-Billy on May 17, 2018 at 12:01:17 AM

Six Mutable Instruments Stages Chained Together

We heard that you could connect up to six Stages modules from Mutable Instruments, so we had to try it since we just got them in stock. We discovered that the sixth Stages becomes a five note chord oscillator when you do chain six together. We made a few different patches for this video using the stages for oscillators, sequencers, envelopes, lfos and more. The Stages is a versatile module that can do many things, while still being easy to use, since it just has 3 modes and no menus.

Available here: