Mac Farlow NEON 401
Mac Farlow NEON 401
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Average Score:2.4( 2.4/5 based on 14 reviews )
 3 reviews21 %
 1 user review7 %
 9 reviews64 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Wilfried 1708/12/2010

Wilfried 17's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Closer to you Lord! ! !"

Mac Farlow NEON 401
Good guys who put 5 stars to that, he should change professions.
Mac Farlow is not what it's called, but Mac Charlow. Like everyone I'm having, but unlike some, I've realized in the hours that followed. And yes it is able to admit his mistakes. With my budget at the time, I would have done better to wait 2 or 3 more months and go from serious people like Bernard rope or Wharfedale, who for a few euros more you sell hardware and more serious in the If you Bernard advice from a true pro in the PA who can not as told salads. All these brands and discount cheap low-end, should be avoided absolutely I remember Lyon forge of your musical and other brands that sell watts to the wheelbarrow, but not actually think that will make the most dough possible on the credulity of DJ beginners and other sound reinforcement grass. Because in fact we bleed to 4 veins to collect some dough and in return was that of the m _ _ _ e. And we quickly want to change all that by the real stuff when listening to real speakers with a real amp. The problem is that the M _ _ E it sells for much less OCCAZ. So we end up storing these boxes AGLO in a corner of the garage, and that is where this material goes to the most useful is to say do nothing, because I recall that it was made for!

Cerrone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
I bec there are a few problems with these speakers.
There were two versions. Indeed the new versions with black carpets are in place for a long time. For my part I bought there quite a few years old version boomers (MCF without written on it) blue carpet).
No autocolant dgueu but a small plate MCF audio below.
I had the opportunity to hear the new version and the black carpet is much worse than the first model!
Versions have blue carpet in all the time and all the accessories that they could serve. Certainly the quality of his have nothing to do with good vintage 3A / peavey / yam / Beyma etc ...
At the same time these are the speakers for the evening so more to produce a loud sound of that quality.
I had the opportunity of testing on many amp, not the least of pioneer, sansui, scott, technics, record (lamp), QSC and so on.
The default is noted that the size of the cables inside are relatively thin. The filters are still relatively low compared to dimension correctly prs new versions. This is the era over my budget is what I was looking today I make my speakers I prfre same (currently B & C).
I even wanted to test by changing the boomer home with B & C 350W RMS 700W at peak. While the sound is totally DIFFERENT is the one sees that the filter probably reached its limits. Consider that a lot of people tend not to take care of their equipment and end up with "people" who shall make toc! Forcment can not go ...
What I found from the era of GHOST BOOST or worse, I found that version of NEON 401 Premire silent lgrement better but is almost BOOST good, but I do would not call it as bad as the GHOST. EMINENCE boomers and this is exactly the same thing.
135W RMS power tural and yes I would agree with above, not 2WAY 3. 2 tweeter and Bomer.
Not bad for beginners, with a filter can be greatly amliorer review the stamp of his.
Equalizer for the occasion.

Gabiche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
Basically I listened to these speakers and that is why the this note:
- Acute rough and aggressive
- Low round with no
- Pregnant saturation (it is not the accessory) while it is "under exploitquot; by the amplifier (in the evening I was)

If Cerrone said that there were two versions, it was blue versions then it must be a real disaster with black carpet versions ...

This is normal because it is the speaker and piezo characteristic erroneous. With the sound of my speakers Couzin based piezo was the same, the piezo gressillait, mediums draft, and low bizzare.

Place the characteristic erroneous:
- 350 W.rms
- 600 w.prog.
- 38 HP Pro.
- Tweeter, medium
- 8 ohms
- 3 Way
- Filter Professional S / Circuit
- Rend. 115 db. SPL
- BP 35-40 KHZ
- Rear connection with: Speakon Jacks + terminal +
- Size: 700 x 450 x 350 mm
- Weight: 22 kg

Impossible that the speaker resists 350 watts RMS unless the measure has taken on 30 seconds t ... Tweeter, medium? No two piezo which deals with the same frequency range. It is not in this case a 3-way speaker, but two tracks. Owl we gat, a filter that burns well professional! 115 db performance? Yes power is "maximum" which is feeble and the speaker give a 95 db 1W/1m all break. 35-40 KHZ, must stop talking nonsense or at least put to attnuation extrmits so about-30dB-40dB.

To be more realistic to give her this:
- 175 W.rms
- 350 w.prog.
- 38 HP low-end
- 2 piezo tweeter
- 8 ohms
- 2 Way
- Filter S / Circuit
- Efficiency 95 dB 1W/1m
- BP 80-18 kHz-3dB
- Rear connection with: Speakon Jacks + terminal +
- Size: 700 x 450 x 350 mm
- Weight: 22 kg

Beware also of the opinion saying that stuff "low end" is good is rejected. These are the vendors who want to sell their stock.

Now, for the 90 pregnant you nothing but save a little you have:
- Serie of EVPX Warfedale
- PRO Series of Peavey
- Serie RS Samson
- Some pregnant The Box (Thomann)
- The solution of DIY
- The pregnant B. Cordes

This applies to everybody, even if you start, even if you have a small budjet, save and expect to have in order to buy reliable equipment and a minimum of quality. The products sold by brands like Kool Sound, BST, Boost, and so are Expelec disposable equipment. You lose money by buying these "objects dj"
Let's put the record straight this time. DJPlus notices (even when he was a post in the forum post), and Eden75008 Dan75017 Strange to be the same. Especially as they have posted advice on Neons 401, 801 and Splatch Na2600 ... bizard bizard. Still furious that sellers can not sell their stock!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
I "buy" these speakers yesterday with someone (in fact, we go back to the store 1 hour later).
These speakers produce sound awful, the horrors are pizeo is screaming at shou, brouillion, dirty, ugly, in short. They were part of a Master audio amplifier design DL400 was a horror (although this amp is good qualitée) Anyway ..
It's just good for teens who want to make small parties with friends.
Selecta Biss@02/16/2007

Selecta Biss@'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
These speakers are the shame of the PA and sold very expensive for their manufacturing costs, using false promises publicitées the sound of a PS15 to neophytes who are literally ripped off.
To have already played over speakers as in ancient times I would not recommend to anyone with ears, even if the bass can EnCorr parrettres correct at the eyes of the general public have a motorola piezo réponsse catastrofique curve and make me the effect of an emetic, the more we push the more acute become aggressive and rough I even get out of a sound system that played the dessu so the result is unspeakable.
These things do not deserve the epithet of speakers, and for the beginner to be attracted not do these things I écononiser board of 70 euros and to opt for this model worthy of my home or warfedale peavey.
Note: This post is for the full range McFarlow as well as boost and KoolSound (which is simply the new guise of boost).

phonic6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
:-)) But the rah forum of comic here!
then all those who dare to come out that these speakers are deep bass sound ahhhhhhhhhh linear :-), is stopping the sound and get straight to the one man show you going for a carton.
these speakers are LGAL boost and all those brands that are most thieves in the world, and certainly the price down but then the price of construction is even more comments that you have had with his own? mdr APRS data sheets of these speakers are lower than when my sub is really a marrent in this case I would have to resell my FCR parcque I'm having a no but it's just not false info from the brand, an APRS analysis (a friend has and I am with my mumuse spectral analysis) the compound blocks dj-3db at 75Hz 35HZ there is a least 40db , the level in acute mountain is really funny too, a short curve rponse is a catamaran.
Given the power that can be indicated as there is less APRS 200W RMS, and then the yield is laughing too, was pushed Fiaux 110dB spl at max. (Given that a good speaker tape has 129 dB SPL max, and that one of diffrance 3db doubles the power of the box)
in short, all that to say that people can get out of its speakers have good sound, good performance are just liars, deaf, embittered not be able to have things, or resellers shabby.
For my part I am not daddy son (I'm performing intermittent) then the sub does not run but I prfaire SAVE flow and take the stuff that holds the road and the bottom of the JOUJOU ...
I see that short of beautiful comic strip here

's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
- Heard moultes times

- I do nothing, but really nothing about these speakers. The highs are harsh, fragile, there is no bass, the medium is horrible .... Moreover, these "things" do not deserve to be classified as "pregnant"

- I agree Vive le Djing in his opinion very well built to begin better to save a little and head of Wharfedale EVPX, Peavey Pro, The Box, B String (a poiul more expensive but with Eminence, Beyma, B & C, RCF ...)

- The value for money is a shame, since these enceitnes, leaving the factory in China are worth just 15 euros piece ....

- I did not make that choice, I pity the people who are doing. It enceitnes are of quality and sound nasty!! HATE! , even for beginners!

alf42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
Hello, I think it's the m. ... of the enseinte that I had held a penne 1 hour, the amp used was a t amp the e800 at Thomann

djplus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
I think "long live djing" is not vraimnent trs sound engineer (nobody's perfect)
I have nothing to do with a dealer I'm just DJ and frankly your criticisms are not trs founded. I think you your you are a small DJ that confuses quality and profitability while frankly it's not pretty trs everything !!!!!
Or just an embittered dealer ...
I confirm that for the price they are good speakers trs.

eden75008's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mac Farlow NEON 401
I think it's good stuff for beginners without breaking the bank ...
Both DJ and not a break ....
These people trs though there is nothing to say on the finish and multiple rear connections.
I advise myself for not trs DJ Fortune