Mac Farlow NEON 401
Mac Farlow NEON 401
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DJ Gaby 12/07/2004

Mac Farlow NEON 401 : DJ Gaby's user review


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Once I was in a party, the DJ had a pair, but the sound was GUEU OF THE SBS !! c no hifi !! nor dla music, c dla m **** !!! finally the bass are present little anyway (lol) and treble, c piezo (paris I doubted you in !!) !! but its gives a quality of sound but really have vied to play football with, or give to Picasso, he will make a work with !! really if there is a word to say about these speakers !! : No shit !!

Technical characteristic:
- Price unites 100
- 300 W.rms (or rather 150 waths rms)
- 500 w.prog. (You can rather say wath 300 prog and again, his is 1 watt speaker has already morphle)
- HP 38 Pro. Tweeter, medium (a boomer pro ?? or low-end? Biensur say it ri1 ​​on tweeter because it is piezo tweeter fifty three balls (to be nice))
- 8 Ohm - 3 Ways
- Makes. 115 db. SPL (biensurs 115 decibel when the enclosure is a background)
- BP 35-40 KHZ (INCREDIBLE, 35 hz ?? But that is still pregnant !! moin my 35 hz if her down as low as her and climbs as high (40000 hz) well I'm president!)
- Size: 700 x 450 x 350 mm
- Weight: 22 kg (spo its a little lightweight anyway for Superman pregnant)

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Attention !! Warning !! Certain seller of this range of speakers said that the sound is excellent !! They go to cook an egg !!</span> I put 1 in 10 as it works anyway, I'm nice !! But really it's pregnant pigeon !! , In case, you can always take the wood to make fire !! The rest for his dog !! And yeah, ca'm happy !!