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Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Yorkville TL3215

    Yorkville TL3215 - guizmo238's review


    I use them for a year. j'aprecie what is the most power they can give sound and image brightness at high nivau, the less is the volume (very large) but hey ... with 2x15 inches should not be dreaming! loll I chose these cases after having por try…

  • Mac Farlow NEON 401

    Mac Farlow NEON 401 - eden75008's review


    I think it's good stuff for beginners without breaking the bank ... Both DJ and not a break .... These people trs though there is nothing to say on the finish and multiple rear connections. I advise myself for not trs DJ Fortune …

  • Mac Farlow NEON 401

    Mac Farlow NEON 401 - Dan75017's review


    I just bought the 401 and frankly NEON 3 APRS accessories no sound problem is not that of a JBL, but frankly the price of nothing to say ... ngatif The sound is pretty clear with a low trs deep and more if you add an equalizer that will be perfect ..…

  • Samson Technologies RS12

    Samson Technologies RS12 - joey57's review


    I use one now for me. What I like about the RS series is the beautiful finishes, quality, sound quality. They are very practical for transport (two large handles on the side of plastic). They can be meters in wedges or little we also fitted on …

  • Yorkville E152
  • Wharfedale EVP-X15

    Wharfedale EVP-X15 - Voxros's review


    I use it for one day (I would compare with teu-s15 I had a week (with a problem of TEUs and not possible to get it back one, then change against the new series x-teu ) The more I say it a lot more than the potato SERIES teu-s (300w instead of 200) …

  • Yorkville Y118S

    Yorkville Y118S - Fred60's review


    The picture does not match the MODEL: the Y118S is a pavilion housing downturn (type Yorkville Elite LS608). Having sold and installed a system that Y253 Y118S + one of my clients, I could test the product. These boxes are not heavy in terms of the…

  • Yorkville Y 253

    Yorkville Y 253 - Fred60's review


    I just installed in one of my clients a system that Y253 Y118S + for use in private discothque, and I must say I'm pretty happy with the sound reproduction of all, in terms of price. Indeed, we found upstream of the hardware of quality Systm averag…

  • Musicson POL 215 C

    Musicson POL 215 C - dan66's review


    I use a system that consists of 6 Musicson POL 215 C, 4 SUB 218 and 2 racks Musicson amplification (processor / filter 3v, a 152 amp, 2 amp 804 in each rack) since 1996 and I am very s proud, because my choice was the right t. Systm re-broadcast with…

  • Yamaha S115IV

    Yamaha S115IV - dusted's review


    I own them already since 3 years and I'm not disappointed. Certe highs are a bit too present for my taste, and lack some serious. I have two, and I couple with two SW118 subwoofer IV of the same brand. I have modified a system for any asset, and it…

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