Digital Fish Phones The Fish Fillets [Freeware]
Digital Fish Phones The Fish Fillets [Freeware]

The Fish Fillets [Freeware], Other software dynamics processor from Digital Fish Phones.

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S.d.m 07/01/2004

Digital Fish Phones The Fish Fillets [Freeware] : S.d.m's user review


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_Instalation: Unzip ->. Dll in the vst plugin folder: you die easier!

_No incompatibilities: Sx or under or in chains or in Adobe Audition!

_conf without problems

_manual: What is it?? not, all is clear at will and some presets are a good starting point


Stability and consolidated royal cpu: ben I did not see the gauge move and yet I have a P III 800!


Use for a month
The sound is, in short, MUSICAL. effects to make music and that's it!
I tried all the comp / gate and some freeware and commercial plug * FISH frankly put me on their knees! I read a glowing review in Recording so I tried to see and since I use it almost!

price / quality ben ... What it's free!

re-chosen: Of course, I advise you all to put this bundle in your vst folder ...

it thus: