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Other Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Spectrasonics Atmosphere

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere - Sl's review


    About 1 hour of installation (but it is prvenu since Setup tells us). It is about choosing the place or will place the file containing the samples (3.74 GB). Trs interresting when we have two hard drives (one for samples, one for audio tracks lon…

  • TC Electronic Mercury-1

    TC Electronic Mercury-1 - Northern People's review


    Everything is ok SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Powerful monophonic Few resources used OVERALL OPINION Beware the sound is particularly rev ... Vintage quality? yes we can tell. But Listen to it before. Do not agree all the music. It's all …

  • Reason Studios ReBirth 1.x

    Reason Studios ReBirth 1.x - iTek's review


    The software installation poses no problem. What I regret is that we either have to have the CD in the drive then the program to Get You Started (has lowered the note!) SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE For my PC see my configuration description. The sof…

  • UVI Plugsound vol. 5 World Of Synthesizers

    UVI Plugsound vol. 5 World Of Synthesizers - Sinse's review


    Nickel SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Nickel OVERALL OPINION The modulation possibilities are low but the sound is excellent, the presets for once a little out of the ordinary. I recognized one or two presets made with the micro Q (I have one). …

  • Spectrasonics Atmosphere

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere - Ralphflorian's review


    Installation takes just 70 minutes ... prs 3 gigabytes of sounds install on your hard drive ... registration serial number (to get on the Spectrasonics site) a bit heavy ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I use a 1 gig athlon, 512 M RAM, Sound card Terr…