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Xoxos Bomb
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Dark Boubou 02/29/2016

Xoxos Bomb : Dark Boubou's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
What configuration, software and musical style or context do you use with this virtual instrument?
I use it on a Windows 10 system with Mixcraft Pro Studio 7.
Unlike Wind, it's not to be used with a particular music style.

Is its anti-piracy protection excessive or burdening?
There's none...

Is it CPU intensive?
Not at all, 0 %.

Is it easy to use? Are its parameters straightforward?
Well, not really: it's not really a synth, and it takes some time getting used to it.

Is its MIDI programming simple?

How would you judge the overall sound quality? How do the presets sound?
I use presets and they're well enough. Yet, there are clicks in the sound attack, like a very short handclap.

Is the virtual instrument realistic?
Fine... It does sound like a shock sound, but not that much to a bomb.

Is it versatile?
If you're to use it as an FX for sound-to-image, it's not: there would only be bomb pictures and it's not to be used with any music style...
So, no.

What are the pros and cons of this virtual instrument?
+: Sound, concept
-: Some clicks, Strange to program.

I made preset demos that are available here: