Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive

OVD-302 Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Belcat.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 16 reviews )
 13 reviews81 %
 1 user review6 %
 2 reviews13 %
Value For Money : Excellent

TheStratGuy's review

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
It is an analog overdrive pedal based on the famous Ibanez TS series. Only three knobs (tone, level, drive). Although the pedal's price is cheap, the metal case seems rather sturdy (much heavier than a Boss for approximately the same size). The switch is a bit messy though, not only does it cause a strange "bleeep!" when you activate it but also it switches on automatically whenever you plug the pedal.


Don't remember if there even was a manual, but it definitely isn't needed -- hey, we're talking about a stompbox with THREE MERE KNOBS! If you can read, you can use it, period. And if you can't read... well, then what are you doing here anyway?


A good sounding pedal that can go from a nice boost to creamy overdrive with the drive knob all ways up and the volume kept down to a fatter sound with the volume control turned higher. Will do the job for any Hendrixian to Pearl Jamesque sound you could ever want, including everything in between -- but don't expect to play metal with it. It is also very efficient in boosting an Electro Harmonix Big Muff while providing the mids the B.M. originally lacks...


I've been using this pedal for one year now. I tried a vintage Marshall Guv'nor (the original, black one) and Ibanez something (a digital-programmable yet analog-sounding pedal from the 80s) and found both of them less convincing than this low-priced, Chinese-made stompbox which didn't even cost half the price of any of the other two.

For someone like me who only has a limited interest in overdrive sounds, it is definitely not worth spending 2 or 3 times the price of this one for an Ibanez or Maxon while this one definitely CAN do the job; and, for the rest of you, this pedal is most likely far from perfect but it is definitely worth trying -- especially for its low price (a bit under the 40€ mark).

wenderssoul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" BELCAT OVD 302"

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Overdrive tube screamer type, Maxon OD8 rather, Who, for those who do not know, is different from the OD9 Maxon, or TS9 Ibanez.


Tone, a drive, a volume. What else! Just right.


This is a clone of the Maxon OD808 (I just Cramer to my great regret, poor diet and yes ...)
I triturated knobs of the two pedals (Maxon and Belcat) in all directions, and in regard to her, my verdict is: it's the same with a little more precision on the maxon on the tone. Indeed, as noted just above, the famous JRC4558, are also present in the belcat.
Manufacturing side, it's much more serious in Maxon (switch and knob) The rubber placed under the Belcat, tes are often the trunk. Same for the Phaser Belcat I own too, but I highly recommend (clone of the MXR phaze 90, with less volume, but a mix knob for more).
In short, his side, the two are superb. Personally, I place recently before them, a booster "Orion" (Elektro booster), which my sublime overdrive.


I use the overdrive for a long time and I had the opportunity to try a few (Fullton, love, Xotic ...) "handmade" or "footmade" I really do not know. I will only say that his side, the OVD 302 has to suffer from any complex. As for manufacturing, good for the price can not rally too little either (it was butter, we will not ask for money from the butter, the daughter of the ... in short, I Megara) . Belcat three for the price of a Maxon. We just buy another one, in case, we crame one (and yes, do not laugh, it happens) and it is enough to get a drink with friends.
* I have attached pictures to show you with what I use (single coil or humbucker, it's veryguoud). In the records (which are mine), blues, jazz, rock (all types of rock) ... it is for me a kind of overdrive must. And so I think that for zicos, like me, that is, not too rich, not too snobby, Belcat, it just do it.

patchylepirate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super Overdrive"

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Tube Screamer Overdrive type
An input, output, level, tone, drive
Metal casing is strong enough


Simpler, it does not: one branch, one hack and that gauze!!


I play telecaster with a Baja, but have used a Musicmaster, a Gibson SG and a Telecaster Thinline Wesley.
This pedal makes a perfect seal every guitar sound. With my tube amp, I use it as a boost: excellent, the sound makes a very good sustain.
Level with half and half drive, we have a very good overdrive dribbling, good for blues.
Drive donf and level at noon: it rocks, but the lack of quality it is very very runny.
In short, his very vintage


I use it on stage since 2008, the stomp is strong (although sometimes unscrews) and she never let go, unlike my Wasabi AX-1
I do it again this election if I found a
Power Bibi03/29/2010

Power Bibi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Everything is said in the previous review!




For those seeking an OD pedal to play blues, rock, vintage coughed a little, it's great.

Say easily found sounds to Hendrix, the Who, and co.

That said, we must pay attention to the microphones that are used with.
With guitars that I use the +, a Custom77 and Epi SG, no need to touch the knobs on the pedal. Any sounds for me. on the other hand, on my Gibson Flying V Faded (500T and 496R) and an LTD with EMG HZ, I find its really not great, better use a distortion to have a proper saturation.



Frankly, I bought it like to see here ... Like many of my other pedals ...
But if I had to keep one, it would be this, without a doubt.

Its main drawback is its cons by switch activation. Over time it becomes loose and the engagement of the effect is no longer optimum.

Occasionally reached by a syndrome of GAS, I am often asked to replace this pedal with a more classy shall we say ... For the moment, not the leap ... Too afraid to be disappointed.

tontonseb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Fully analog overdrive pedal bought on Ebay about 29 euros (postage included!). It's cheaper than the Behringer. The case and the knobs seem solid. The switch is fairly quiet. Alim by 9v battery (trap practice) or external power supply type Boss. No complaints.

If the inputs and outputs are above, not on the sides, but ... The look is a little "hard discount". Or "very clean".

In addition it seems to be a clone of the legendary Ibanez TS home or Maxxon, with the same circuit inside (I have not yet filled my nose).

The fact is that Belcat is a Chinese company that produces effects pedals, tuners and pickups for bass and guitar.


No manual but is it needed? Volume, Tone and Drive. And go.

Simplicity itself.


To be honest, I have a Boss Metalzone, a Big Muff Fuzz, I missed a simple OD retains the accuracy of the sound of my Les Paul and allow me to finally "light crunch." I play on a Hiwatt Custom and I can say that Belcat is what I was missing: it allows me the medium further Od (rock 70 '), and light saturation by adjusting the knob Drive. For those unfamiliar with the Hiwatt is devoid of saturated channel, with a saturation is obtained by transplanting a small canal on the other.

The Belcat also allows the boost for solos so that uses a different pedal. And it does!

I put 9 / 10 because there are necessarily better, but much more expensive.

Postscript: I tried it for a bass (Squier vintage modified Precision + ampl Ashdown mag 300). Very interesting. Must be corrected to the serious tone, if you leave an electric guitar sound full. But the drive provides a low saturation that "roars" without blurring the note. Frankly I enjoy getting on the Deep Purple Made In Japan.


I played a few hours on it and I am fully satisfied with the sound and value for money. This is the pedal that I missed. I would definitely do it again this election. Competitive interest dear to worry ...

PS: Given its ability to bass, this modest Belcat just replaced my distortion pedal Ibanez.

bbhack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TS excellent for a very nice"

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
See previous reviews ...


The knobs are a bit "soft" for my taste, but it does not raise any possibilities of settings.

I do not know if the pedal has a real true bypass, but I did not notice any loss / modifications obvious signal when connected.

Note that the volume control is very sensitive and allows a fairly substantial boost. Think about it by doing your settings.


Depending on the guitar and amp, you get more or less saturation, but the spirit remains in TS.

However, I feel it goes a little further in the drive that these competing prestige (maxon, ibanez).

A small lamp placed in its clear we enter immediately into the world blues / rock.

Upstream of a channel crunchisant can tease something that approaches a precise distortion, in the pure rock spirit.

In all cases the pedal has no concern for noise and respects the character of great guitars and amps used.

Given the price I would say that the sound quality is quite exceptional!


J'utlise this pedal since 2007 fairly regular basis, both at home by repeating / live.

It's a pretty versatile pedal for guitar and amp help, to vary the saturation of a very light crunch to a small distortion very nice.

In addition it meets very well the timbre of instruments and is useful in many situations.

For the price (new € 35 in stores), it is difficult if not impossible to reproach.

I would say it's a foot of exceptional quality in its market segment!

Of course one can find much better OD, with a grain more distinctive or more "noble", offering more subtle adjustments, but for that it will cost more.

I highly recommend this pedal for those wanting to experience the sounds and uses TS!

Jp6l6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
An analog Tubescreamer, bearing the trsclbre JRC4558 circuit and the usual three pots.
I am not sure it is true bypass.


It's super simple and Tubescreamer of assum role perfectly. I sounds which I expected.


Total efficiency. I use it as between a stratovolcano and channel typ Fender Laney VC50 one to walk in the directory of SRV. has done and very well.
I also use it with all my guitars (Fen, Gib, Iba) to thicken crunch sounds the same channel, according to its sought-.


I use it for it's markets, great value qualitprix. If you really critique: perhaps the jars lack a bit of resistance (without playing electric words).

Jp6l6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
All adj t said. I will only add that I had bought in the knowledge that it is lectroniquement the cheapest of all the clones of the Ibanez TS808. As I have a strat and Laney VC50, the first channel is Fender ++ inspiration and I adore SRV, my happiness could not be combl that which was done. And as my BOSS ME50 is breaking down, I redcouvre my gear. We did not realize it or we get used to it: multi effects puff the timbre of instruments because it does not have true bypass and interface remain active as long as the signal passes through them. With the OVD-302 between the guitar and some rverbe, I find a sound in three dimensions. I decided to buy the chorus and phasing Belcat without resorting to multi effects. Regarding the delay, wah wah, noise gate and compressor, I will consider other brands.


Enough said.


Enough said.


Enough said.

mataleo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Analog Overdrive, a sort of imitation of the famous tube screamer but a price drisoire!

mtal strong enough case in, for and against the knobs stompswitch seem fragile.

gold-plated jacks (to limit interference)


It's really not rocket science:
a knob to adjust effectively Tone (crmeux of the edge)
a knob to adjust the level of saturation (the crunch a lightweight powerful overdrive)
level of a knob (very useful to use the pedals as a booster)

on the other hand, rglages Avoid the max because otherwise a quite breath. any fawn is not a distortion of pedals!


So when the have triggered the first time I t wonderfully surprised by the warm grain of the pedals! I use it instead of dsormais crunch and overdrive channel of my ENGL screamer so it provides.

it is super effective to boost any sound of the amp and adds a nice grain staff! I am delighted

Note max good MRIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I use it for several months and about 40 new I am fulfilled as it is musical. ct sound, it is comparable to more upscale MODEL. She really of personality.
I would do this choice without a shadow of a hsitation
Congratulations and thank you to Dr. Belcat Boost (Guitar part) for letting me know this gniale pedals with a quality report unbeatable prices.
Dpchez you before that there have more, it is terrible when playing with captivating.

pisousi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
Here is an overdrive, in line with OD or maxon ibanez TS, but a ridiculous price!
It is on this little one looks carefully pedals .. or the price it is found, we have the right to ask lots of questions:
-Level construction, the housing is mtal, there are ca normal, but note that this is not the case with Behringer or Danelectro in the same price range.
-The switch, when you disassemble is not a real DPDT switch, but a simple push button that can switch on the electronic map, a bad thing, but hey, as long as it holds (the same system on my multi rsiste effect and despite his 11 years of age) ... the sofa bed is comforting, not disassemble one might think it's real.
-The buttons are not very interesting, but ... prcis esprant in the knobs are of good quality, but hey, it turns ...
-Input, output gold-plated, good point, and a plug adapter DC.Le battery compartment is nice, but because of that we notice the scam at the switch. .
-Green paint is ... dull green, the Scriptures seem to have t do with a Word to the police but good con ..
5 for the relative fragility of the thing, and look for


Good is not everything, but we want to plug and play .. We are pleased that the pedals not the triggers does not color the sound, the signal is fairly well respected.
It triggers the switch, the LED lights to State, and starts fussing about the knobs:

3 knobs, so it's a rplique of Tube Screamer, it is not surprising: Tone, Level and Drive.Basique, effective.
The tone knob to change the color of the sound and allows it seems to increase the bump in the top mdium (without the sound is muffled when the knob is at 0!). It was a progressive race well I feared for the price of the pedals that we have to do a "all or nothing", but I'm reassured. It should be noted also that between 8 and 10, the race increases and gives a great Treble Booster, which I probably would use a bit for Queen (ouuuh the pun)
In short it is an interesting knob to vary the color and get good enough sound DIFFERENT, yet very vintage typs.

The Drive knob, he, not surprisingly, will simply raise the sauce (and volume!). It starts crmeuse staining and very hot when the knob is at 0. Then the sound crunchise nicely, it is a background in the blues, you start to try and sugary little rhythmic rock .. it's good! apprciable really a grain! The more we force the knob to drive, and the gain increases, very typical blues rock and rock, hard rock and finally! we tried a little Hell's Bells, then a good old Back in Black, it goes! The treble boost can even be played a little thunderstruck means pull out the notes in the great heat off.Malgrs the pedals does not lack in precision lgato. So without going on the hard problem, we have a lot of power, a good reserve of gain but also a volume consquent! is the Level knob that comes ..

The Level knob is used to dose me power so that there is not much diffrence between my clean sound and it is my purpose enclench.Quand boost a crunch channel, it serves as a dose level Boost
no manual

8, for the sound a little boring on the switch, which activates a nice effect when Cloke


Ragit the pedals very well attack the fingers, with simple microphones, humbuckers, we recognize the guitar with which we play despite the strong personality of the guitar, in short it is a good color, not a crasage of signal.Elle particulirement sounds very simple with microphones, and a double in the neck position ... brrrr it's terrifying! It feels really good when playing with the pedals ... I DCON without the sound I wanted for a while ... my exit channel crunch!

It is only a breath dplore consquent when the knobs are a bottom and that does not play, and the pedals grip the feedback when everything is thoroughly.

I use it with two Hamer (HH and HSS) and a Fender Lead II, a Pignose mini amp and a Line6 30 watt, a wah wah and a Laney VC30 has rcemment lamps

When you disassemble, you are on your ass! op amp is a JRC 4558, the same as the Ibanez, maxon, etc.! drisoire a price!

Edit: On a tube amp it is really worth, but not as dynamic as lamps (logique!), however, it serves well as a boost, OverDrive, or 3rd channel


Here is a brief rsumbr /> the +: very very good sound, friendly, crmeux, which n'altre personalis strong yet not one of the guitar (!) Good reserve of power, knobs effective, sustain!, dynamic! especially the price (34 euros I reminds)
The -: knobs and switches seem fragile, background noise and feedback loop when all is thoroughly

I use it for 2 weeks, I'm really impressed it's a real good sound! and frankly a price drisoire!, the report quality price is very very good, I would do without hsiter this choice (if I only had 40 euros eh, if I would take a Muffi'n Français)