Bogner Ecstasy Blue
Bogner Ecstasy Blue

Ecstasy Blue, Overdrive pedal from Bogner.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Bogner Ecstasy Blue

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 1 user review33 %
 1 user review33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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greg11100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Before I Blue .... but that was before."

Bogner Ecstasy Blue
Beautiful object, not heavy enough to make junk, flawless finish, high-class components for analog pure cold pressed juice. Mono input / output, an entry for a remote control via MIDI, 2 footswitches for true bypass effect on / off & boost on / off. A row of knobs usual mini knobs to adjust the pre gain and assignable volume boost. A series of mini switch to sculpt his grain, gain, EQ and even the voltage ... in short, everything is permitted.


Gain, three band EQ, volume: childish. Want more? Gain and volume for Boost if necessary to get out of the mix. The mini switches:
Variac adjusts the voltage, you can put the pedal on and so release a bit more dynamic.
Plexi / Blue: it selects the mode as clean boost or more saturated.
B1/N/B2 3 presets EQ: mediums dug, Neutral, more presence
100/101/20th: grain structure corresponding to different preamps brand.

Mini generic manual is supplied with the pedal, but there is a plethora of demos - video clearly clarify the possibility and purpose of each command.

The adjustment possibilities are almost endless and really distinct from one another.


First impression: the reserve db is quite impressive given the short, see the lack of wind generated!
Secondo is truly dynamic ... but then something hearty! We immediately want to play the fingers is to bosser his volume knob on the guitar. The definition is really great over the entire range of frequencies. Plugged into a Blues Deluxe, this type of pedal is a real upgrade for an amp of this range then a third channel to be left permanently connected as it is addictive.
Plexi, plugged into an amp on the edge of crunch, a bit of reverb and it's immediate orbit.
Blue is a more granular fashion hair but remains in the large registry overdrive.
The boost to its name. Most of the time, boosting a signal already saturated, it Degomme part of mediums to gain profit. Not on Ecstasy instead.
My favorite: Variac on fashion Plexi, EQ B2, 20th volume structure at 12, 12 treble & bass, small bump in the mids, gain 2/3, a pair of P90 and a mohair sweater to stifle the thrill and the hairs that stand ...

Plugged into one of the great years old Blackface Fender reverb wish, it must be falling.


Steeped recently on my pedalboard, I think she is not ready to leave. I had the same feeling when after a series of pedals wha I ended up giving me an RMC Picture Wha, we finally said before that we had not actually used wha worthy of the name. Well there is the same. We have the right to think that at this price, we refuse to believe anything negative about the acquisition ... The thing is that so-called "boutique" enough to prohibitive tariffs effects, I being locked some over time, I have rarely been disappointed to be honest, but I often ended up getting bored for the final resale (and leave the tunes on the way!). Bogner on the problem upside down to that I say the day I give myself an old Vibroverb 64, I have at least enough to send a crunch at the height!

€ 300 for a pedal it is expensive for a Bogner .... it is another thing.