Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

BD-2 Blues Driver, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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All user reviews of 1/5 for the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

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MacB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" BOSS BLUES DRIVER pedal inaboutit ..."

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Effect available: overdrive / distortion
Editable on PC or MAC I think (check though)
Digital technology
Connection: 9V battery or 9V jack


Configuration very simple regulars brand BOSS will not be disoriented. Manual provides clear.
The sound editing is simple it is 3 knobs: Gain, Tone, Level.


Effects are realistic but still totally inadequate, however this is a pedal with a different personality of the BOSS SD1 or DS1, which is largely complete on a pedalboard with her two other sisters.

For the effects we can spend a very fat saturation, cut for blues rock with a good distortion GIBSON fat, which is not dry as DS1.

However after testing I thought the production could be poor, inaboutit, in the sense that this pedal is completely unusable with less than LEVEL 12:00, otherwise the signal from your guitar / amp is completely crushed mute is turned is such that it appeared to me when I tried. We can make the determination on the GAIN, one tone knob is normal. The question on this pedal is properly designed it knowing that his two sisters-based analog circuit and cause much less this signal problem, even if it remains. Besides this also on OD larger brands have tested tons!


I do not use it I simply tried to store multiple configurations (BLACKSTAR, PEAVEY CLASSIC 30 FENDER BLUES JUNIOR) GIBSON SG guitar with a P90 mounted (like one of mine). I came to buy a BOSS can be my "second floor" distortion between SD1 BIG MUFF PI and I tried both pedals so the BLUES DRIVER DS1 and I am left with the DS1, even if driest (ie distortion), much better designed than the BLUES DRIVER and keeping the signal in a more intact than SD1 (Super Overdrive) and far better than the BLUES DRIVER, the knobs are not completely useless. However it may be interesting to verse two pedals (DS1 + BLUES DRIVER) to find so much distortion round, fat and powerful on all configurations previously diversity.

Overall this pedal deserves to be downgraded one hundred Euros for this is abuse, pure and simple from BOSS, since it is not completely usable. So a very bad quality / price ratio.

Finally, I am left with the BOSS DS1 and I am happy with my combinations and my BIG MUFF SD1 are not bad, it deserves a configuration looks as if it were rock, hard, blues rock or even metal / hardcore I think.

One last tip: Go try it, but I think that the pedal could be reviewed in terms of electronic design. In my opinion this kind of pedal as it is currently designed will not last over time, not as an SD1 or DS1.