Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive

SD-1 SUPER OverDrive, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 28 reviews )
 12 reviews43 %
 10 reviews36 %
 3 reviews11 %
 2 reviews7 %
Audience: Anyone
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MGR/Erik L.11/14/2004

MGR/Erik L.'s review"Boss SD-1 SuperOverDrive"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
I bought it second hand for about 25 euros from a friend.

This pedal is very versatile. It gives a nice subtile overdrive sound on the clean channel of my marshall valvestate and a fat sustaining boost on the lead channel.
I use it most of the time for solos, to boost up my sound. It gives a very warm overdrive, much better then the OD-3, which I used for a while untill I heard the SD-1.

Nothing I think. Oh yes, it sounds better with single coil pickups than with humbuckers, but that's no problem cause I don't play humbuckers.

BOSS, so uhm, built like a tank, you can stamp on it, throw with it, smash some bottles of beer on it and it will still work fine

Nice pedal, warm sound, very sturdy, ...
I love it, it's the best overdrive pedal I ever used.

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MGR/Andrew Edwards01/17/2004

MGR/Andrew Edwards's review"Boss SD-1 (Super Overdrive)"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
I bought this pedal off a friend used for 40$ Canadian.

The smooth thick tone you will experience is unreal with this little unit. It is also very easy to adjust and understand the controls on the pedal. After only a few minutes of tweaking with this pedal you will have found your perfect sound. The pedal is also built like a rock since it is a Boss pedal.

The color isn't the most attractive thing in the world but who cares anyways.

One word "Boss" so it's very tough.

This pedal is designed to have a thick blues/rock overdrive not thrashy distortion. I play in a punk band and I love the tone I've been using even thoug this pedal isn't meant for punk. If you like smooth thick tones then this pedal is definitly for you.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss SD-1"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
I bought this today for 35 pound from a local guitar shop after looking for something to boost the gain on my marshall.

i recentlly boug a marshall dfx100 solid state amp but i found the o/d not good enough for rhythm. i use ALOT of gain too play my style of playing (alot of shredding) and at first when trying this pedal i thought it was pretty crap on its own because it wasnt heavy enough. it sounded good for blues and light rock though. then i put on the marshall o/d with the pedal and i thought it was amazing. i bought it straight away after that. The pedal consists of a gain knob, tone knob and level knob. The colour of the pedal is nice and subtle as well.

nothing at all.

absolutely outstanding. ive never used a BOSS pedal that doesnt feel like its indestructable (apart from the v wah that thing is really shit!)

best o/d pedal ive ever played, bluesy sounds on its own then chuck on ur marshall o/d and you get the zakk wylde spectacular gain and tone sound. brilliant pedal and used by john 5 and zakk wylde.

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MGR/Danny Boy10/27/2003

MGR/Danny Boy's review"Boss SD1 Super Overdrive"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
I purchased this particular Unit from a guitar magazine simply called 'Guitarist' page after page of sales and stoers with lits of things on offer . for a GREAT price of £39.99 i couldnt resist . especially after i had used one earlier the same week at my friends house . i saw how wonderfully the unit did its job and knew i wanted one .

The great thing about this small pedal is that if your amp is old or if it is a solid state amp and doesnt have a very strong overdrive , this little pedal will rectify that problem as soon as you press down on that black pad , you hear such a difference , as notes come screaming out clearer and crisper than before , i use a Marshall MG50DFX , one of the new Marshall ranges , however it is a solid state amp and so the overdrive isnt as great as i would like . this pedal helped me immensly , it offers alot of sustain helping you hold those high notes and low notes , as well as allowing incredible pinch harmonics that until now are unheard of from a solid state amp . combine this pedal with the FDD (frequency dependant damping) switch on the amp itself and you have the sound of an all tube amp .

To be totally honest with you i can think of only one thing i dont like about it . you need to buy a BOSS adaptor to power it . because the batteries do not last long , try to power it with an ordinary adaptor and you get a horrible whurring sound from your amp . However , this sound is bearable and if you have patience to change batterries every 3 days then this thing has no fault.

Construction and quality is well worthy of recognition from everyone who knows anything about guitars and guitar accessories . small and compact . easy to use . no hassle . 2 small knobs to raise or lower the level and drive of the unit . as well as a smaller tone knob inbetween these two that offers a warm or crisp tone or anything inbetween . comes in yellow . a yellow which manages to not be ugly .Very simple to both understand and use . and it wont get in the way and make your set up look messy .

Very high quality unit . for such a small price this pedal does everything it says it will , if you cant afford to buy an all tube amp and can only afford a solid state . then pick this up and your solid state will sound like a tube , no joke ... this thing really works a treat . :)

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MGR/Zachary D.03/05/2003

MGR/Zachary D.'s review"Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
Needed a new pedal went looking one day and picked this on it was $49.99

Why do you think so mant professionals use this pedal? Casue Its great! Best pedal I've played on and I'm playd with 95% of the Boss Line, don't listen to these kids who tink it sounds like crap cause it doesn' these kids pick it up expecting a Distortion pedal but thats not waht this is, its an Overdrive Pedal! And the best one out there, great for any kind of music, very usefull as a booster with a Distortion pedal(I use the Boss Heavy Metal) Awsome for Stevie Ray Vaughn and Hendrix Licks.

To many kids don't appreciate this thing.

Exxelent if my house colapsed this thing would be unscratched like any Boss pedal.

If I was stranded on an Island with my Guitar, my AMP and 1 Pedal of my choice this would be the pedal, it is unmatched.

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MGR/Casey's review"Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
I bought this pedal from Guitar Center
for $40. I bought it after playing on one previously that belonged to a friend.
I couldn't get over the sound of it. It has such a nice gritty sound. This is a very versatile pedal that I use quite a bit for recording and for use on the road.

I love the grit. It has Assymetrical clipping so it resembles what a tube will due when it's overdriven. I play through it with a new Tele and a Strat. It has plenty of gain and the tone knob really defines the sound of this unit.
Besides the Fulltone Fulldrive 2, this one is my favorite. It's very responsive to your picking and dynamics.

There is nothing about this unit that I dont like.

Built tough - I have had no problems with it.

This is a great overdrive - both for solo work and rhythm.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
Bought it from a friend for 20 bucks, saw it for sale at my local music store for $39.99.

Loud as all hell! It's also very versatile and can go from light Hendrix-y overdrive to screaming, blistering, Black Flag style ball-to-the-wall distortion.

The piss/puke/wallpaper paste color. Egad!

It's Boss! What more would you expect? This little box would survive a shotgun blast. But it's always a good idea to invest in an adapter, as they will save your ass.

Well worth a look for gain-freaks who don't want to sound sledgehammer heavy.

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MGR/pooze's review"Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
Picked it up at the local music store for about $80 because it sounded great.

It's a boss pedal, so naturally you have very rigid construction. I've used this pedal for about a year without any problems whatsoever -- still looks like it's brand new. It also sounds great -- you can produce anything from vintage 80's rock distortion to a chunkier bluesy sound. Sounds really great on a tube amp with the tone down and the drive mid way.

Nothing negative can be said about this pedal.

As mentioned above, extremely well built and designed to last a long long time.

I would definately go and pick one of these up before I bought a 'blues driver' or 'tubescreamer' just because of the price. You should usually be able to pick these up from anywhere between $50-60, I overpaid a bit, but it was well worth it. It basically produces the same sound as its boss counterparts, but is much cheaper.

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Kint's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super Overdrive!"

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
As its name suggests, it is an overdrive (and maybe more).
The case is solid like all Boss pedals. The yellow color gives life to Pedalboards sometimes a little dull.
It is therefore an analog effect can not be easier with three knobs

Pedal so simple!


As mentioned above, the configuration could not be easier. There is no indication in the manual but the need does not feel. Turning the knobs 30 seconds to see what happens, you soon realize that we should not push too high volume, drive adjusts depending on what you are looking for:
the slight crunch limits the distortion (without ever reaching so far.


The overdrive is great because it offers a wide range of sounds, from mild overdrive to limit the distortion. The sound is warm and rather round, something I really appreciate. I think the cons by volume may be a little too sensitive ...
Unlike some pedals in its category for the same budget, there is very little wind and noise. Despite the years (6 years now and I have that I used).


For 6 years now, this pedal complete my game whatever amp I'm using (the small 5W to 100W ... big stacks).
I appreciate having a pedal simple, inexpensive, and that is not a gas plant!
The settings are simple while sounds very good, the rigidity of the case Boss is no longer re ...

With experience, I would do without hesitation that choice. But I buy OCCAZ! 2x cheaper! Given the strength of the effect, it's worth it!

Blueseb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Solid and effective and very easy to use."

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
Overdrive / Boost in a small metal box very strong yellow signed BOSS.
Analog, three knob: Level / Drive / Tone.
A guitar input, one output.
9V battery or transformer (not supplied).


Configuration issue, it is very simple. The manual does not give any examples of setting, it must rely on its small cages honey. The possibilities are varied.


For my part I use more overdrive with à8/10 Drive (about ...) and Tone 6/10. The level 4 and max and roll my chicken. Solo I can achieve a sustain on my guitar almost infinite times without any added effect and rhythmic Rock is aggressive, but it is not a distortion.


I hang mine for over twenty years and it is still there. When you say it is solid, it's not a joke. I did see him in all colors and despite that it is still part of my pedalboard.
This is not my main purpose, but I have no desire to part with because it is very useful to complement my big distos very heavy.