Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive
Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive

SD-1 SUPER OverDrive, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

MacB 08/14/2012

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive : MacB's user review

«  Why complicate things when you can make simple ... »

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Effects available: Overdrive / boost
A priori analogue technology (same circuit as Ibanez TS9 home)
mains connection with transformer 9v, to get next.
Yellow metal housing Heavy Duty!


Simple configuration:

3 knobs: Level to adjust the drive's personality
Drive to adjust the intensity of the drive, power
Boost knob to adjust the intensity of the entire signal

0 = Manual is not helpful

The sound editing is very simple, we move from a light crunch to a warmer sound with a level of progress visible and audible, bold, somewhat mushy as would his cousin at the Ibanez TS9.


This is a true overdrive to say that this is not a distortion or an overdrive / distortion. The sound that emerges is a neutral sound while being hot, so it does not color your sound, it is only the driver.

Personally I use a boost in addition to one side a MXR Micro Custom Boost / Line Driver (Black), driver for just a little over the signal, giving it a slight crunch, as did the other before Me. MXR engaged almost all the time, and switching on the BOSS and the rest of my pedalboard will be as required. To this I add a BIG MUFF PI, after my BOSS, which goes squarely to the driver while the higher speed. Result: I can go from a light crunch to something really big and powerful while retaining warmth in the sound. I can add effects loop delay (as before David Gilmour fesait) after two EHX Memory Man connected in series on my pedalboard at the very end of it.

Finally I play primarily on FENDER PRINCETON REVERB 65 a, with the latter two guitars I own a Gibson SG and a P90 mounted Fender telecaster american standard microphone mounted in custom twisted and Broadcaster.


I ulitise since the month of June 2012, I quickly income overdrive custom shop that is being sold at Fulltone, T REX and other brands because they are not overdrive, these are distortions, even if it is stated that these are overdrive / distortion, the resulting effect is that of a more or less light distortion, but the sound is very dry.

I have owned the T-REX MOLLER (OD luxury boutique to over € 200 at the time) that I sold because far too unstable to me, with my setup mentioned previously. I have now acquired with 45 € a sound stability, in the sense that I no longer have to readjust my sound each time you connect, it's "plug and play" now.

Finally I praised the effects, quality of home Ibanez TS however the price is totally unjustified because the super BOSS OD has the same circuit as the TS9, TS8 alone or have a TURBO on a circuit different person I met who worked at Ibanez and then informed me about the differences between TS and SUPER BOSS OD.

Finally it is a strong manufacturing, I had a lot of pedals on aprioris machining BOSS, finally I'm very happy and I think go far with this pedal. Tip: it is true that music must pay the price, this is true for amps, because the key is to have a good amp (and a good scratch), in contrast to what pedals go look simple, does not look complicated, unless you really need "this pedal especially" for your sound.