Ibanez STL Super Tube
Ibanez STL Super Tube

STL Super Tube, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the L series.

zeetoon 06/29/2014

Ibanez STL Super Tube : zeetoon's user review

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Cheap classic saturation 80. We were not spoiled at the time ...


No need to book.


The sound that comes out of this pedal is extremely grainy, unpleasant though it remains well bite. With a small saturation, or as boost pedal is nice, as soon as I turn the knob "drive" is in my ears well-rotted, I like seeing the Novanex my 16 years (n it is not positive ...).


I emerged from the shelf or she took the dust to confront my bad memories. She will go back until I documented (maybe) on ways to get it right (change diodes "clipping"?). This is a really cheap pedal and nowadays you can find better for less. When I see some ads at the same price as a new Blackstar ... nawak!