Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer
Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the 9 series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 1 user review10 %
 2 reviews20 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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JG347's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" mixed reviews ..."

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer
Overdrive pedal format. Quick and simple


we turn we listen, we adjust, we play short, it's live and I like it.

I use it in a configuration very simple and light.
the TS9DX - EQ GE7 front of the Mesa Subway Rocket.
Visual and sound in the effects loop of the amp.
and nothing more. Mixed


why ...
the TS9DX really sounds wonderfully well with my Start + super hot overdrive and accurate.
on the other hand extremely disappointing with PRS CE24. double pickups sound very flat there, mushy and without character.

So everything really depends on the config of microphones, the Gold Lace Sensor Stratocaster are perfect.


I would have to try and determine a more homogeneous whatever the guitar used.
but with the Strat's really very good so my disappointment is measured.
A little disappointed
stan towelie04/03/2006

stan towelie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer
Its analog overdrive lamp type (for mode TS9) plus three types of heavy overdrive saturation (+ TS9 mode, and Turbo mode Hot).
level knobs (volume), tone (+ + severe or acute), drive (saturation) and modes (types of saturation).
9v power jack, input-output jack 6.35, silent type footswitch boss, Led.
The pedal is as heavy as a boss and also resistant thanks to its metal casing.


Find the sound with this pedal lon desire is rather easy for me if the same Level button is too powerful.
In fact, I use a 120 watt amp frontman and I just quasimment double the gain of my amp with the pedal fully, something impossible with a Boss type superOD.
In short I recommend this pedal for small amp (less than 80 watt) seeing if we can do spit the Beast has its maximum without screaming his neighbor;
a pedal is not consuming too much battery (a little prs as a boss) and that is not too much noise if you plug a 9v power supply it.


Oh, it gets to the point negative: SOUND.
for me this pedal is a pedal for blues and nothing but the blues. it may have had the sound of fiddling santana in well with the TS9, and even to the large rock (for me the TS9 mode is the best of the four modes and most versatile). But then the sound is not exactly the same as a TS9 reissue (Colorette least I think it's better now buy the latest or T808 (if you want one of the best overdrive in the world) rather than buy the TS9DX thinking have the most original TS9 saturations noms.Pour worthy of me is a pedal TS9DX m * rde.
Let me explain:
Not only is the TS9 is cold but its other modes are horrible;
mode "+" is a more blues, deeper and compresses (type mesa boogie) of the TS9 but already his heel !!!!! and it will only get worse as far and in ways that will also be less interresting because of a compression up "in creshendo" mediums and heavy rock rotten having nothing to do with the sound TS9. With additional modes I almost screw up my amp so ca heels.


Initially I had gone to buy a reissue TS9 or TS808 but the seller had none so I rabatu on TS9DX.
I bought and resold within three months so it does not suit my sound.
In addition it is super expensive for an OD pedal (150 euros).
I had this one APRS overdrive pedal replacement and tried in the blues driver boss has since I bought it. certainly it is not worth the TS808 trs but is good quality, cheap is versatile. I advise you if the company TS9DX which for me is a true neo-cons for metalheads fan of his ultra fat inaudible.