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PAs news

  • Community DP8 Pendant loudspeakers

    Community DP8 Pendant loudspeakers

    11/15/13 in Community DP8 Pendant

    Community Professional adds to its Distributed Design series the new DP8 Pendant loudspeaker designed for use in restaurants, hotels or venues.

  • [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image Panels

    [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image Panels

    01/19/12 in Studiomaster Acoustic Image6

    The Acoustic Image4 and Acoustic Image6 (passive) and Acoustic Image4A and Acoustic Image6A (active) exploit NXT technology developments.

  • [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image6 / Image6A

    [NAMM] Studiomaster Acoustic Image6 / Image6A

    11/26/11 in Studiomaster Acoustic Image6

    Studiomaster and Carlsbro are launching new product lines at this years NAMM exhibition in Anaheim.

  • RCF Compact & Media Series

    RCF Compact & Media Series

    08/09/11 in RCF Media

    RCF presents two new series of monitors, the Compact Series and the Media Series.

  • 3 New Radio Design Labs Amps

    3 New Radio Design Labs Amps

    03/03/11 in Radio Design Labs HD-RA35U

    In April, Radio Design Labs will introduce 3 new 35-Watt Mixer Amplifiers in their HD Series.

  • [NAMM] Phonic ZA100

    [NAMM] Phonic ZA100

    01/08/11 in Phonic ZA100

    Phonic will be releasing a brand new dual zone mixer/amplifier with USB playback – the ZA100.

  • EAW QX Series Loudspeakers

    EAW QX Series Loudspeakers

    06/08/10 in EAW QX Series

    EAW launched its new QX Series loudspeakers, optimized for installed system applications that require directivity in a low-profile form.

  • Community Weather-Resistant iBOX

    Community Weather-Resistant iBOX

    06/07/10 in Community iBOX iHP-1200

    Community Professional Loudspeakers will be rolling out a weather-resistant version of their iBOX installation series at this year's InfoComm Convention in Las Vegas.

  • FBT Project Series Speakers

    FBT Project Series Speakers

    02/23/09 in FBT Project series

    FBT has unveiled a new line of 100V speakers.

  • Crown 135MA

    Crown 135MA

    02/26/08 in Crown 135MA

    Crown has launched its 135MA and 160MA mixer-amplifiers.