Novation Launchpad
Novation Launchpad

Launchpad, PAD Controller from Novation in the Launchpad series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Novation Launchpad

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 46 reviews )
 22 reviews48 %
 16 reviews35 %
 3 reviews7 %
 2 reviews4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 01/26/10Novation Launchpad Gear Review

    Novation Launchpad Gear Review - Novation Launchpad: Who's Pad?

    Novation surprised everyone by bringing out an Ableton Live dedicated control surface. Like Akai's APC? Not really, and obviously not at the same price.

Users reviews

BeyondR's review"Buy it if you're an Ableton user."

Novation Launchpad
What I love about it, it's the design, I really love what Novation did with its interface and how they managed to put something quite original for Ableton users.
The price overall is quite great for the product, those 64 pads can make a huge difference in your mixing, they can really boost your creativity on a whole new level.
This pad controller works pretty great in launching clips and samples on time, it has the possibility to connect up to 6 Launchpads at a time (which is completely great and unique).
The reason why this pad is so great it's because how well it fits with Ableton Live program, it doesn't require a source supply, only a usb connection.
Also you can work in Session View either Arrangement View, which is quite handy, the
multi-color 64-button grid provide instant session overview.
This pad can be used to create grooves, racks, creating beats and triggering samples in real time, you can even make it work as a midi controller,creating custom MIDI maps with 72 of its buttons transmitting either CC or MIDI note data, so you can basically play with this pad and create melodies.

Connectivity type: USB, it doesn't require a power supply.
It's compatible with Windows XP or Vista, Mac OS X .

Another great thing you can do with Novation LaunchPad is to control the volume, paning, amount of sends, muting, and many other cool features.

Without a doubt, this pad makes the musical process seem much more fun and creative, with its use you can create some great trance groove and even melodies.
I really like the feeling of the buttons and the way they respond to the command.
I would buy and rebuy this product, I really think it makes a huge difference for Ableton users like me.

johnrae's review"I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!"

Novation Launchpad
The Novation Launchpad is a controller built especially for Ableton Live, meant to improve workflow and turn Live into a performance tool. It does exactly that. And it's AWESOME. It is pretty easy to set up, you plug it in and it automaps to Live. The device consists of an 8x8 grid of 64 "clip launch buttons" and 8 dedicated "scene launch buttons". It takes its power from the computer, eliminating the need for an external source which ROCKS! The launchpad features four modes: Session Mode, which controls clips and scene launch and is awesome for workflow and live performances, User Mode 1, which is useful for controlling VST's and Drum Racks, User Mode 2, which you can assign to do all kinds of things and Mixer mode, which provides an overview and control of volume, pans, send effects and a few other things. It is kinda hard to do anything but drums, but it's certainly possible to play it like a keyboard. Also, you can set it up to do all kinds of dances and patterns and just cool little things, and is certainly very impressive in performance. This is such a cool piece of equipment, and works awesome with out faders and knobs. If you need something like this with Faders and Knobs, get the APC 40 or 20, but this can do everything they do, and then some, plus it has tons of pretty colors. I love the way that this brings the innovative workspace of Ableton Live, and makes it into a concrete, playable interface. While this isn't necessarily a new approach to controllerism, it's a more refined version of an old standby, and is incredibly effective . It has so much potential and you can even hook 6 of these up to Live at a time! This is worth very cent so pick one up.

moosers's review

Novation Launchpad
Novation's LaunchPad is a USB and MIDI based controller for Ableton Live software. It was designed by both Ableton and Novation, and only will work with Ableton since it's specifically designed for it. It's designed to be used for live shows to give you easier access to Ableton without having to use your computer's keyboard and mouse. It's bus powered, so you don't need to hook it up to any power supply, making it easy to set up and go anywhere you might be. It has 64 buttons it total, with transport parameters, and a button for each track that you have playing. The LED lights are very bright, so you can see them even in the dark if you're at a show. They've made the device as simple as possible, so you can use it on the fly and without having to think too much about it. I haven't gotten very in depth with the LaunchPad, as I don't own one myself. I've used a friend's a number of times, but never for a live show myself. My friend uses it all the time when he plays out with his Ableton Live set up. If I were a bit more knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of Ableton Live, I might use some of the more in depth features on the LaunchPad, but as of now I don't have much of a use to use all of the parameters on the LaunchPad. While not necessary for all Ableton users, if you are indeed going to be bringing your rig on the go, this is a very useful tool to have in tandem with Ableton. The price is more than reasonable for a specified MIDI controller. If you do have Ableton Live, you probably already know about the LaunchPad, but if you don't I highly suggest checking it out!

songboy's review

Novation Launchpad
What I like most about this device is it puts Ableton's Session view launch capabilities into a physical, easily accessible midi controller.  I have not used any of the Akai APC units, but this thing seems to be the perfect answer for anyone who uses Ableton in a live situation.  It makes things super easy by allowing each pad to light up yellow (to show you there is a clip that there that is not being played) Green (shows you a clip that is currently being played) Red (clip is being played and is in overdub/record mode) and of course no light to tell you there is no clip in that region.  Another great and essential option on this device is to control different areas of the session view trigger grid.  On the screen in ableton there is a green box surrounding the area that the Launchpad is currently displaying.  By using the arrows on the top, you can move this box to display any area in the session trigger screen.  This is great (and fun to watch), as you can launch any clip on your screen, and, if you are pretty familiar with your set, you can move around comfortably without looking a the computer screen.  On top of that, you can hold down the session button and the lauchpad will allow you to "jump" to different areas on your screen.  Say you are launching clips in your set at the top portion of the screen and you want to launch a clip all the way at the bottom many rows down.  Hold down that session button and select the grid (in this mode, each button represents a whole grids worth of clips) and select what "grid" you want to jump to, in this case, the bottom one.  The great thing about this option is that the Launchpad will only show you areas that have clips in them.  If thats confusing, check out videos on Youtube and it will make sense.  There are many more great features about this device, but I could spend all day talking about them. 
What I don't like most about this unit is that for some reason (and I can't understand why) when you a pad down, it will "double-click."  What I mean is that you push it down and it will "click" once, then you push a little harder and it will "click" again.  Every trigger reacts on the first click, so the second click is completely unnecessary.  In reality, its not a big deal, it just feels weird and is a little annoying.  As for my opinion on the price, I paid $180 for a brand new one shipped to my door.  Overall, its functions make it worth every penny.  But, when I first got it, it was smaller than I imagined (the person in the photo must have very small hands) and its made of very light weight plastic.  For around $200 bucks, they could have used some cheap metal or something, that would have made this thing feel like a real professional piece of gear instead of a cheap toy.  No sound quality from this device, only midi operation.  I have a couple of M-audio boards that I was using to trigger clips in ableton, but they don't even compare to this device, mainly because of the "light up" buttons.  Yes, I do wish it was made of stronger/heavier material, but I would definitely make the same choice again.

Jeffdigit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Engaging"

Novation Launchpad
I almost since its release with Live and I still use it regularly. It has become an indispensable tool for me to play synchronized loops with my other machines or to trigger quickly recording patterns I play keyboard.

I see it as a necessary extension of Live which allows you to completely disregard the computer when I play.

mgmike444's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential"

Novation Launchpad
Product easy to use. Excellent to work with Ableton Live. It can also adapt to any software with a function steering noon.

I use it for 2 years and it really is a good investment for any user of Ableton Live.

I have several more classic midi controller (fader / knob) but it was really the missing piece to my set up.

I like being able to switch to USER1 or USER2 to use features like MIDI keyboard. This provides another approach to the game live.

I also use it on other software, its not really oriented (Isadora, Pure Data or Processing). It lacks a power to make autonomous and use with hardware.

Lenzo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" NOVATION LAUNCHPAD"

Novation Launchpad
I used this pad for 3-4 months, it works very very well with ableton (this is used by "have" to make Madeon Live (associated UCevolution a controller)
Many buttons and large sizes compared to Akai (pimples).
Very easy to use, installation Ableton (8.2.2 minimum) very intuitive.

Effective to make precisely Live, but no interest in composing, this is also why I am separated.

Here ;)

djfacile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Turn your launchpad with Aurex"

Novation Launchpad
Without Aurex Launchpad is okay but not great, just a nice controller ..
But Grace Aurex is like making acquisitin Ableton and Max and free !!!

Download the free 5 Modes on and transform your launchpad in sequencer, remix recorder

a launchpad without Aurex C # is like a flat-chested girl !!

Better than Max and Gratos !!!!


The 8-Step is a step squenceur melodic for novation dashboard.
You can change the locations for 8 tapes diffrentes and includes features such tests spciales Complex Mode Chord Mode "and" Live dclenchement Transpose. "LED Rtroaction for all function makes sure you always see your squence. This is a must for to experiment with the sounds of melodies.


The Troxic is a live-oriented drum machine for the Novation Launchpad. It is available in two versions :. At 8 drum machine tape with 8 parts (each part with 4 sounds) or drum machines tape 16 with 4 parts (each part with 8 sounds) You also 6 pads to dclencher blows flight e.

Troxic allows you to contrler over 38 samples at the touch of a button.
It's very cool to play with ideas diffrentes alternate between DIFFERENT sounds, add a direct feeling your beats ...


Masher is a squenceur FX / FX device made with Ableton Live 8 Launchpad Novation. Send the track you want to start cutting the sheer pestle and rptant loop ... It works very well to give a lead. A boost from live play or even for the mix / mixing two tracks of original fawn

You can squence 4 DIFFERENT effects and the original track and you have a stamp on the LP to toggle between squenc track / Performs and clear and original track. On top of that if you have 6 and 2 master effects rpteurs beat.


The bridge is a sample sampling in real time and a remix device for the Novation Launchpad.
The sample thus includes a simulator vinyl position (as an effect, not for beatmatching
tracks or serious scratches) and an effects section. It uses two samplers to capture
while loop plays your song and you have the possibility to select one of the signal
samplers any time you want. You can remix and any processing you want: just a
loop, songs full when dj-ing or even in real time between a remix scene a group of steals.

21rems's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The controller for Ableton Live by excellence"

Novation Launchpad
I use it for less than a year.

Easy to use

Value taken excellent.
looping.prod09/14/2012's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super intuitive"

Novation Launchpad
How long have you been using?
About 2 weeks

Did you try many other models before buying it?
I had a Trigger Finger M-Audio, but did not suit me to trigger clip Live8

What is so special that you like most and least?
Plus: fully adapted for Ableton Live and Traktor trigger Hotcue in reduced size and for mobile use
Minimum: Not yet found, perhaps a wider range of colors to suit the pad color clips Live8

How do you rate the quality / price?
Given the opportunity to bargain (70 euros) ratio is perfect!

With experience, you do again this choice?
Without hesitation, unless the APC20 APC40 or cheaper, but then I doubt it!