Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Yamaha NS-10M Studio

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radikal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" view shared ..."

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
I had purchased because they are in most studios, considered classics etc. .. for the monitoring of course .. used with the A100A amp yamaha ..


very great lack of bass! good dynamics, good stereo, the sound is very clear in the mids and treble


3 years .. I think my first day ... got pregnant thereafter alesis monitor 2, I have Dynaudio BM15A, I have also bose 301 series 2 and 310 cabasse sampan ..
the NS10 are excellent for defects of your sound, breath, clicks etc ... on the other hand to mix, no way, there is a lack of serious, so we tend to exaggerate without expression, when we listen to on other forums c is the disaster, these speakers are made to complement other pairs of large style or Dynaudio genelec .. and made comparisons etc, are sold in secondhand too expensive because they are no longer manufactured, traded on in my opinion TODAY Today well to detect some faults of its kind breaths clicks etc. j using my AKG K271

Nico53's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Barf ... I own it without actually belong to me ... I often use verrrrry but they are not mine ... na!
Already I'm skeptical when the physical qualities of these boxes that have already been detailed previously ...
I use amplified by an old Proton D540 amplifier and I like it a lot.
I used to mix, finally becoming less and less, but unfortunately I had it below the elbow to mix so far ...
2010 edit: I invested in a pair of event TR8 ... even if, ultimately, they have food and drink event in the TR8 suited me well ... not exhausting mix ... Finally ... incomparable to NS10 ... but not as useful: it was a heresy to use Update main listening to the mix ... the NS10 find their place in control ... it is still a very good pair of secondary monitors.


These boxes are sound shit ... clearly ...
but not by listening to fast music in a store for 15 minutes we became aware of the usefulness of these boxes! ;)
it's all magnified the absence of a mix in the medium ... it's impressive ... and terribly practical ... when it sounds in there you can go anywhere, the compromise is made ... it will sound okay everywhere ...
on the other hand, these speakers are exhausting ...
dynamic and precision blah blah ...
a serious rather dubious ... short, it is clear that for these reasons that a pair of box it is interesting but it must have something else to hand it on ...


exhausting listen.
interesting in control, see for where you walk when you work a voice ... it's very convenient ...
after ... I personally would not want my home stereo in pregnant ... it is to say ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
-Passive speakers who cash 2voies ... nothing ... and more tweters fart all the time ...
-60Watts RMS .. I think.


OULA is the shit! see below!


AAAHHHH!! These NS -10 .. I like them at all ... but they are found in full studio ... They have great bass shit, cashing it not terrible. Then I was told: "That's what it will give a post man in the world "..... And Ben, in this case, I say let us have real shitty speakers ... and not the fucking speakers that cost about 4500F and that sound worse than my hi-fi .... Me, I want Genelec ... It is more expensive but at least we do not care no me home ... After each his own .... but I recommend to everyone .... these speakers are good that she did for Pop Music and Rock-Pop, because the sound does not low and not require a great definition ... Well, I'm a bit harsh I know ... but hey ...!!!!!