Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
radikal 09/03/2012

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : radikal's user review

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I had purchased because they are in most studios, considered classics etc. .. for the monitoring of course .. used with the A100A amp yamaha ..


very great lack of bass! good dynamics, good stereo, the sound is very clear in the mids and treble


3 years .. I think my first day ... got pregnant thereafter alesis monitor 2, I have Dynaudio BM15A, I have also bose 301 series 2 and 310 cabasse sampan ..
the NS10 are excellent for defects of your sound, breath, clicks etc ... on the other hand to mix, no way, there is a lack of serious, so we tend to exaggerate without expression, when we listen to on other forums c is the disaster, these speakers are made to complement other pairs of large style or Dynaudio genelec .. and made comparisons etc, are sold in secondhand too expensive because they are no longer manufactured, traded on in my opinion TODAY Today well to detect some faults of its kind breaths clicks etc. j using my AKG K271