Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
ryuji84 04/28/2009

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : ryuji84's user review


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What technical specifications motivated your choice?
JOperation those in the studio or I puff


- The curve frequency drives is it neutral enough?
- Stereo image is good?
- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
- The dynamic is it respect? ...
it's going, what that must choose a good listening level appropriate for its work


I do not quite understand some previous opinions that go down these speakers. One thing is certain, of course the speakers have a frequency response relatively flat will confuse those not familiar, but if its a standart in the audio industry, it's not for nothing. Make a good mix with ns-10m will tend to make it sound good on any other monitoring system, provided the use of knowledge, particularly in proper acoustics (like all monitoring speakers also ). Second, the appreciation of the sound is not universal. I do not think you can be allowed to say that it is bad because the response of the speakers does not wound, but one thing is on the ns-10m not lied about your sound, and if the shit EST comes out, it does not usually come to her.