Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
centurygold 04/14/2009

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : centurygold's user review


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Take mini speaker channel speakers for studio quality or c trs is fun but tiring! Certainly, there are some small speakers that work well trs but they are rare and they all have the same default prsentent nothing or not much below 60 hz and limits on what is dynamic to normal size ..... or the famous NS10M nothing and absolutely nothing for them. it seems that they are down ......
But where did the sound? I seek in vain, the amp, the cd and then I start disassemble the object of DLit and observe. Everything is lightweight, the black cardboard box to hide the quality of pietre ralisations, the speakers assembled 5 euros for a bowl of rice. everything is lightweight and manufactured at a discount price PRISUNIC. The typical ralisations CONFORAMA DARTY but at the price (premium in the minds of people). The cot is more effective for small branch managed to play the high-tech (in s'criant ipod, flat screen, mini hi iphone, laptop, washing machine and toaster per million is that happiness!)
The style here is plastic toy "made in china" sold at the price of gold before the ipod ..... we see everywhere we had the NS10M we saw everywhere was that the happiness in the studio. Without 10 M NS impossible to make a mix.


It was a little too image (marketing!) but no sound!
s beef is transformed into a frog over time and was called
1000 ns and silent perfect tudie. the loss of two "zero-" on the REFERENCE
(Requires miniaturization) puts it thus among the plastic toys for children.


Sell ​​a legend in which n is not n!

the purpose of trade is to sell the wind. We therefore label achte trs CHRE

the NS10 m yamamoto brew a lot of air or wind!

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