Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
John Michael 07/28/2008

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : John Michael's user review


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Enclosure monitoring proximity to studio -
Use home studio
Marantz PM4001 Amplifier

I am surprised by the comments trs previous ones.


Let me be clear: this is a forum intended assess what will the record in case the most common is - say a small string of lounge or in a car. It must be used with the same configuration as those consumer devices, namely with a lot of loudness of the amp, for example, to provide a standard report. The image is well established, dynamic attacks, but mostly they are not a gift: If your guitar amp to sound a little ledge and you have a voice that lack of grain, that's exactly what you will hear contairement small monitors amplified latest issue that will make her an always flattering. Feedback, then when you pass a string of high-end, has to GTE, has rings hollow or too low, short, you do not recognize anything. So the monitor has not fulfilled its rle.


I use these speakers for 10 years at least. They also served me speaker of living for a year, a walk up to a certain level. What happens in great proximity to pregnant DGRAD forcment cost of living if you have to turn up the volume too.
Today, I use them for all my home studio recordings, and I am totally satisfied. Obtained meets your exact what I mean by passing a string of records high-end or in a car good team. It cohrent trs, and we say, indispensable.