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  • Dell Latitude D800

    Dell Latitude D800 - mud's review


    D800 Pentium M 1.8 GHz, 1024 MB RAM, Gforce 5650 128MB, 60G, WUXGA, Wifi b / g, Gigabit RJ45, 3 USB2 ports, DVD + R 8x + RW x 2.4, 1 FW, 1 SERIES, 1 / /, 1 IR, 1 PCMCIA, modem, VGA, TV-out, 3 years warranty 1 J / site. 4 months of use (intensive r…

  • Acer Aspire 1501LMI

    Acer Aspire 1501LMI - Flo...'s review


    J'utlise this PC for 8 months This notebook the particularity to have the firewire port IRQ that is not shared by the graphics card. IRQs of its USB ports also aillerurs. It's really comforting when you know what a graphics card is as a resource …

  • Acer 1522 WLMI

    Acer 1522 WLMI - djspire's review


    Trs good laptop, runs well Reason dessu! I can finally use all the modules I need at the same time, the processor is fully road (Atlhon XP 64-3000 +) It has 512 RAM, the video memory is 64 MB so completely ddi ddi 512 for XP. Trs proper video c…

  • Dell Latitude C600

    Dell Latitude C600 - 68iemedessous's review


    Frankly, pouir the price, I must say it is a laptop that runs very well, but no crashes, no ^ Big problem, and for lolgiciels music is a good config for a Good Bécanne bones; I explain, it must be a23 bios and it's good !!!.... DELL DELL is a o…

  • Dell Inspiron 510m

    Dell Inspiron 510m - Cpierredon's review


    I have this computer for 3 months in the workplace I like its performance, modularity (you can purchase the set as desired, personally, hd 40 GB 5400 rpm, 512k of memory RAM, DVD / CD), it is the ger is has a great battery life with pretty good ba…

  • Acer TravelMate 654LC

    Acer TravelMate 654LC - Patrick.salvador's review


    I bought it in August 2003. All happy to finally make music on the move, I rush to my music dealer to buy a M-AUDIO firewire 410. First install the astonishment, parasites, buzz, crackles wants you to voila!! No way to play piano mezzo piano ... see …

  • Dell Latitude C600

    Dell Latitude C600 - pelleatartes's review


    Laptop used to work for 2 years. Many failures observed on the mine and those of my collgues: Battery-down (not loaded) Down-loader Many-keys do not work -Sensitive pad that functions random image (block half of the Journe average) Dplac…

  • Hewlett-Packard ZD 7009

    Hewlett-Packard ZD 7009 - funkiness's review


    Initial Notice of 20/03/04 The positive cts: _ The size of the screen (I'm working on a 19 "CRT in normal times and the transition to the 17" laptop is no problem, work on the 15 "t have quite frustrating) _ The quality of the screen (a real r…

  • Hewlett-Packard ZD 7009

    Hewlett-Packard ZD 7009 - Iddy's review


    I bought this laptop in July, I use video and audio in 3D, I'm really counting, Ormis indeed the problem of PCMCIA which is incompatible with my Indigo in stand bye for, so I UA25 value to buy a driver waiting for HP or Echo, I inflated the other han…

  • Packard Bell Easynote E3266

    Packard Bell Easynote E3266 - RaphRaymond's review


    Then: AMD Athlon XP-M 2600 + (2GHz) 512 MB cache 512 MB DDR VIA Chipset 60 GB hard drive Reader 4 in 1 (Memory Stick, MMC, SD, SmartMedia) Writer DVD-R/RW & CD / RW 15.1-inch screen with Diamond View Technology 4 USB 2.0 1 Firewir…