Digidesign Digi 001
Digidesign Digi 001

Digi 001, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Digidesign.

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Kando 10/25/2005

Digidesign Digi 001 : Kando's user review


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I bought the DIGI001 so I could do a little hands on a Pro-Tools while enjoying a good audio interface with PCI ADAT, SPDIF, many I / O analog, preamp (front) ... short ultra complete.

So I use it with Pro-Tools 6.4 for the "mastering" of my tracks on composs NUENDO. And I also used to configure VST System Link (ADAT) with NUENDO 2.0 on the machine with the Digi001 and NUENDO 3.0 on another machine with an FW-1884.

For my config: See my profile.

NOTE: 10/10 (report expectations / super user.)


Installation me some possible problems of compatibility to the basic DIGI001 (Win98), which forced me to download the latest (which are also more updated) drivers of DIGIDESIGN site (entirely in English).

The second problem I had is that I bought the DIGI001 used with a version of PRO-TOOLS (5.0.1) does not work under Windows XP and I'm not Russian a free updater. Then I also had some PLUG-IN must be also update .... in short, a lot of necessary update to finally make use of PRO-TOOLS 6.4.

However once all these people install, configure the DIGI001 is very simple, especially since it is supplied with a DOC normalelement extremely comprehensive.

NOTE: 8 / 10 (too many necessary update)


For the moment, the ultra-stable drivers. In any event, there are no longer updated so it's a chance that the latest version is stable.

So I use with PRO-TOOLS NUENDO 6.4 and 2.0 (ASIO Drivers impecable ... ~ 3 ms latency).

Really a perfect integration of DIGI001 in the world of Nuendo / Cubase.

NOTE: 9 / 10 (Drivers longer updated.)


I use this interface and now three weeks without any major trouble (except for updated departure).

What I like most about this card is: His CONNECTIVITY (ADAT, SPDIF, analog I / O number, intergenerational PREAMP (good quality), Alim phantom, Headphone Jack .. etc. in facade .) PRO-TOOLS, compatibilté with other sequencer (Nuendo, Cubase etc ...) etc ...

What I like least: The format of 3 / 4 rack ridiculous, color blue ... it looks a little short and not Exceeds ass sober for my taste (882/20 would have the kind of height advantage!), the decision on the ADAT PCI card, the control panel a bit limited (but very simple ..), the cables between the rack and the card a little short (as always ...) and c ' is almost everything.

Basically: Lots of very few positive negative (valid).

I think the price quality ratio of the time was already very good, but I say that at present, it really is preferable to obtain such a product (with MOTU 2408 MK MK I or II) that are in the 300 euros opportunities, rather than buying the latest MODEL audio card (M-Audio, Edirol, MOTU same) that does nothing more for often much more still full of expensive with a bug of their "youth".

In short, you will understand, I fell in love with the DIGI001 like thousands of other users before me. Obviously, we are not in the categories of an RME to 1500 euros (although ...) but for 300/400 euros in time, you can not really make a better case: AUDIO CARD ULTRA good team + PRO-TOOLS (it needs no introduction so it is recognized world-famous) that works perfectly under Windows XP and also with other sequencers .... in short, what do you expect?

NOTE: 10/10 (great quality for almost no defects, comes with an ultra powerful software etc ...)