ESI ESP1010e
ESI ESP1010e
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the ESI ESP1010e

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Pierre.Moustache's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Satisfied for 2 years"

ESI ESP1010e
8 in 8 outs for a card rack, it is still not bad ... This is what motivated me first. In addition to the preamp inputs are for connecting microphones and guitar directly without pretreatment of the signal.


I use it to record vocals and guitar, mainly Ableton Live.
With my 2600K overclocked to 4.2 GHz and 8GB of RAM good, I set the latency to 128 samples and 48000Hz, and I get 2.67 ms input and output, with compensation, to live, it makes me less than 12ms. But I can go down to 64 samples but with a few clicks in multitrack recording.


I had some problems at the beginning (BSOD, freezes, PC who do not want to go out ...) and I tore his hair, I cursed ESI drivers make rotten. And one day I had the idea to change PCIe port, and since no worries. I am under 7 64bit.


I use it for 2 years now, and I'm happy.
Before, I had an Alesis IO2, now I can let my two guitars and two mics connected permanently. It is still more convenient.
For a musician who broke n can help to play for a little more than 100 bullets, it's still damn good.

pinou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" In many"

ESI ESP1010e
Moticé choice after the next PCI Express + number of inputs and outputs, and then a little bit by the opinions presented on Audiofanzine, and finally by the price offered in ThoTho being discontinued.

Used on a PC with Windows Vista, with 4GB of DDR2

Use mainly for recording guitars


Installation carefree, CPU consumption ridiculous, perfect stability.

Never tried to record several tracks at once. I just have a dedicated input for each use.

Latency August-December ms. Very correct.

Warning: no updates since its sorites, and no driver for Windows 7 ... which requires me to stay with Vista. It is in my opinion the big negative of the beast. This is not because it is no longer produced it must let users plan, the deuce!


No conflicts so far despite the combined use of a Hercules RMX on the occasion.

Manual very clear.


the + the number of inputs / outputs

the -: no updates of drivers, and then sentenced to vista

jugatsu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good value for money!"

ESI ESP1010e
- I bought this card for its reputation on the level of latency, the number of inputs and outputs both preamps

- My goal was just to have a sound card booster that can dial into my room and teach me how to make sounds

- My config: Intel I7 920@4.1ghz, 6GB DDR3 1666mhz, Win7 x64, motherboard Asus P6T

- I work mainly in REAPER, a little Live8


- The drivers are stable at 90% I would say it works very well in the workplace, just as a VST to a bug it may be that it blocks the card and it is sometimes necessary to reboot the machine I'm working on an RME and I never rebooted with it (c we are told that the value for their money with this kind of cards)
- The drivers are almost never updated, so once a year something happens, but one must be super happy now, it's a large black dots in this map, for example in my case my pc can not die, I am forced to momentarily press the button to do so, all because of drivers not optimized to be compatible everywhere, I'm lucky because it does not bother me at all but others have more serious problems with their motherboards.
- Latency is excellent, the map rotates in 64 samples without any problem


- Easy installation, just think back to the drivers on the ESI website
- The configuration of the card is fairly standard for a panel such as one finds in general
- A paper manual is provided in the bundle


- I use the card for a month
- I like its latency
- I do not like the support of ESI drivers
- Value for money seems very good in the sense that it is simply impossible to have a card with as many inputs and outputs, such low latency and two preamps for 155 €
- If I were to compare it to other models of sound cards I would say it did not have the sound quality and support that one expects from a pro.  cons for someone who is doing a little computing and who seeks to build a studio at the lowest effective prices is an excellent choice.
The card could be better, in this price sector is the TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6, not as input-output but for a semi-pro quality.