ESI Wami Rack 24
ESI Wami Rack 24

Wami Rack 24, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from ESI.

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Kando 10/04/2005

ESI Wami Rack 24 : Kando's user review


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I bought this card for its very complte connections (apart from the ADAT).
I use a PC (AMD Athlon XP 2400 with 1024 Ram, Windows XP Pro) networking (VST System Link) with my PC "principal" (with Fw-1884).
The two were connected in config and SPDIF audio.

I note 8 of 10 for its connection with 2 complte very less for the ADAT missing.


Installation (Windows XP pro) ran without any problem and 3 minutes by my watch. (Drivers available on the site EgoSys)
However the Control Panel has several flaws: Deja is really tiny (res: 1280 / 1024), then it is quite ugly and not very very clear, but it happens when even very easy to find her again.

The manual that I was in English, but not to me anyway so no use the card is easy to use. (Except perhaps for beginners).

I note 8 for the control panel really means and for the record only in English (not even french PDF on the site)


The drivers are Ultra srable windows XP (and I imagine even more under Win2000 or 98).
Maheureusement they are no longer updated (but hey .... stablent as they are!)

I used this card with Nuendo 2 and Cubase sx2 no problem;
With a latency of 4 ms, the Wamirack 24 is a formidable element in the Midi to be used with great VSTi.

I never really have potential in audio test.

9 I note for today Updated stopped.


I used it for about 6 months without any worries ...
I have AIM on this map the first connection really complte, its audio quality really professional.

However the Wamirack has a very big flaw ... She very hot to the point of not being able to put in a rack with another card above it.

At least for about 300 in time, the remaining 24 Wamirack a sound card than a competitive time today. It is placed in the same category as a Delta 1010 (it is even more complete) or an Edirol 2496.

In short, in the same circumstances, I would do without this choice problem.

I note a 9 because of its excess heat!