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PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcards user reviews

  • Hercules Studio ISIS

    Hercules Studio ISIS - Sai-real's review


    Choice motivated by the rack over 8-4 I / O digital and the price Home studio use in Config. : Pentium 200 MMX, 192 MB RAM, 40GB HDD Behringer 1804 X Console, bass guitar, microphone ... UTILIZATION Manuel insufficient especially for Logic …

  • E-MU APS

    E-MU APS - samsong's review


    Posseceur this sound card for 2 and a half years, I have never had anything against him. bits/48kHz converter 20, a multitude of I / O (6 jacks in total) and an e / s numrique. It manages the sampling (remember that e-mu + possde one of the major…

  • Hercules Studio ISIS XL

    Hercules Studio ISIS XL - Loulou_fr's review


    Very good sound card to get your feet wet. was used with an analog console with direct outputs from channels to attack the 8 analog inputs of Isis. Console analog (MacKee in this case) for monitoring for listening, isis with his Jumbo rates latenc…

  • M-Audio Delta 44

    M-Audio Delta 44 - Nikkodogg's review


    Many drivers and many facts have motivated my choice and the convertisseurs.J 'uses this map to my home studio.Ma config is a 1GHz Duron with a motherboard MSI K7T Turbo2 and 256 MB SDRAM 133MHz 20GB IDE HDD 7200 RPM min with Windows 2000 UTILIZATI…

  • Lexicon Core 2

    Lexicon Core 2 - Anonyme's review


    P 300 MMX 64 MB UTILIZATION Incompatibility with multimedia applications managed by Windows 98 as the volume control or CD player General easy config insufficient manual GETTING STARTED Works with Acid and Sound Forge good latency OVERAL…

  • Hercules Studio ISIS

    Hercules Studio ISIS - LynXX's review


    I wanted a card not very dear to me to record a guitar and a bass simultaneously. ISIS I was immediately seduced by its characteristics: Rack card with external daughterboard. Main card: a joystick port, 2 outputs, 1 line input, 1 microphone, all i…

  • Terratec Producer EWS88 MT

    Terratec Producer EWS88 MT - Kelso Wustinger's review


    It is true that this card is very good for music. The only problem is motherboards for AMD, of course! If you make music, do like me, buy any Intel (motherboard + processor). This Saturday, May 11, I had to buy a set for Intel it works without pro…

  • Terratec Producer DMX 6FIRE 24/96

    Terratec Producer DMX 6FIRE 24/96 - Yosic's review


    * I have chosen for its quality of recording that I just bien.En more I don t need to make multitrack sRegistering therefore its number of entry is sufficient. * I made the jungle and I've just had my lower register and does so without a single brea…

  • Terratec Producer DMX 6FIRE 24/96

    Terratec Producer DMX 6FIRE 24/96 - Denio's review


    The Terratec seemed a good choice. Its characteristics are quite to my needs. Audio quality very high level, a MIDI interface to control the few synths and sound modules, a digital interface very convenient to export his compositions and some still u…

  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum - Anonyme's review


    CHARACTERISTICS: - PCI Card Format - Analogue connectivity (mini-jack / jack / RCA), numrique (optical and SPDIF), noon (In + Out Port compatible games) - 48khz sampling - and 16-bit Analog 96Khz - 24-bit numrique - Platforms: Win 98SE ok ...…

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