Fender 2 Button Vintage RCA Footswitch
Fender 2 Button Vintage RCA Footswitch

2 Button Vintage RCA Footswitch, Pedal/Controller from Fender.

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moosers's review

Fender 2 Button Vintage RCA Footswitch
The Fender 2 Button Vintage RCA Footswitch is a foot controller designed for vintage Fender amps that have RCA outputs to control your built in effects of reverb and vibrato. After my original foot switch shorted out and broke, I replaced it with this one for my 1976 Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. I wasn't able to find an original, not that it really matters as this is pretty much an exact replication. I'm not sure exactly what amps this will work with, but for most of the vintage Fender amps with both reverb and vibrato it should get the job done. Obviously just make sure that you check if you have RCA or 1/4" connections for this as it will make the difference if you need this one or the other one that they have. There isn't too much to say in terms of how well it gets the job done or quality, as the foot switch simply does what it is supposed to without any problems. It has a shiny new look, which is something that the older models certainly still don't have! The cable is definitely long enough for this to reach with the rest of my pedals as well without a problem. The only problem I have with the Fender 2 Button Vintage RCA Footswitch is the price, as it was a bit more costly to me to replace my broken pedal than I would have liked. However, since they are the only ones who make one of these you're kind of stuck with what you've got here. This isn't a bad thing as they have made this perfectly to specs of the original and if you break one like I did, you'll be able to make a seamless transition. This is really the type of product that you get more out of necessity than anything else, but if you are in need of an RCA foot switch for your vintage Fender amp, this is the way to go.