Overloud TH1
Overloud TH1

TH1, Software Amp Simulator from Overloud in the TH series.

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Overloud TH1 Update & Cabinet Promotion

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Overloud has updated TH1 to v1.1, and introduced its user-customizable IR-based cabinet.

Overloud is giving a copy of the full version of Recabinet TH1 Edition, a value of $39, to every person registering TH1 between now and April 6th, 2009.

New Features in TH1 v1.1

  • Two amplifiers: BassFace '59 (US) classic amp and Overloud Custom boutique-class amp.
  • Amplifier adds a VariFire panel and control: a Gain-Character control for expanded distortion color control.
  • Three Rack Effects: Spatial Delay, Comb Delay, Pattern Delay with 66 different patterns and up to 8 taps.
  • Mixer Pro with control on Phase, Stereo Width, Sample Delay and Mono/Stereo output switch.
  • Splitter with Balance/Switch capabilities and with two Crossover modes (HPF/LPF and BPF/BRF) and frequency/width controls.
  • Dual IR Cabinet module allows users to load commercial or their own cabinet Impulse Responses with balance, phase and micro-delay control with HPF and LPF.
  • Dual IR Cabinet comes preloaded with Recabinet Demo and the Experimental Cabinet collection from Wild Hades.
  • Eight new Stomp Boxes: Noise Gate / Expander, Mild Flanger, Rich Flanger, Analog Flanger, D-Reverb, D-Delay, 7-Band Graphic EQ and 5-Band Amp EQ.

Ease Of Use:
  • Module Presets: user and factory.
  • UI: Auto-hiding Overview panel simplifies the use of TH1 on smaller monitors.
  • UI Floor skinning: drag&drop or select via right-click in the background, factory and user-picked background Floors in .png and .jpg formats.
  • Copy and paste of modules between Variations and different instances of TH1.
  • Localized numeric value display when moving module parameters.
  • Computer keyboard value-entry.
  • Bank import and export functions.
  • New Browser implementation with right-click functions for copy, paste and clear of Banks, Sounds and Variations.

  • Smart MIDI Control: assign Smart Controls to any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change with Auto-Learn Function.
  • Direct Variation MIDI Control: assign any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change with Auto-Learn Function to the direct recall of any of the 8 Variation in the currently active Sound.
  • Remote Preset MIDI Control: other than the default Program and Bank message control, TH1 can be programmed (also via Auto-Learn) to respond to MIDI CC, Note On and Program Changes for operations like Bank up/down, Sound up/down, Variation up/down.
  • Global MIDI Control: assign any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change to all Volume Pedals, Wahs, Internal BPM Tap Tempo, Tuner status, Output Mute and Output Volume.
  • MIDI: Saving of MIDI Bindings configuration presets.
  • Smart: copy, swap, remove Smart Controls via drag&drop actions.
  • Smart: button to swap Min and Max values.
  • Smart: new Smart types, Touch (momentary switch), Stepper Up, Stepper Down, Stepper Up/Down with up to four different user definable settings to step through.

  • Better Noise Gate implementation in Master Section.
  • You can use left and right arrow keys in the Browser panel to scroll through Variations.
  • Dedicated button to open the Smart Connections window.
  • Fixes for Digidesign Pro Tools 8.
  • Various automation fixes.
  • Master parameters get saved with song/session and when quitting the standalone version.
  • Host, Internal and Variation-based BPM for maximum flexibility.

Check out www.overloud.com for more info.
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