PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay
PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay

PSP 608 MultiDelay, Software Delay/Echo from PSP Audioware.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 2 reviews50 %
Audience: Advanced users
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bgallaghermusic's review"Excellent for Delay Some Wild Sounds"

PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay
Hey all,

I got the 608 MultiDelay a while back and it is definitely an interesting piece of gear. For most simple Delay tasks it's not my go-to, but for something a little more creative it is definitely a good tool.

It's a powerful delay and at first glimpse is quite scary-looking. Simply put, you have an incredible amount of control with this plug-in. That's why I said it's not my go-to, because it's frankly unnecessary for a simple slap-back or stereo delay function. That being said, it can certainly do those things and the sound is quite good. It comes with a large library of presets that really show off the more complex functionality, for users who might feel overwhelmed, as I first did, with the sheer amount of options on this thing.

What I particularly like about this plug-in is the tape saturation and reverb features. These can really help give some warmth and depth to your delay sound without needing to reach for any other tools.

I haven't had any issues or bugs with this particular product and, although it takes up a bit more CPU than a simpler delay would, I don't normally have problems running this, even on a CPU heavy project. That being said, I don't normally have or need more than one instance of this thing open so I can't comment on it being used on many tracks simultaneously. It's a solid product and if you're a delay freak then you will likely have endless hours of fun dialing in weird and complex patterns in the eight channels, which are all separately controllable and include features like gain, stereo field width and balance, delay time, filtering and modulation.

Price was decent. If you are looking for something like this, get it and go nuts!


moosers's review

PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay
The PSP 608 MultiDelay plug-in is an eight channel delay plug-in for systems of almost all types. It's compatible with both Windows and Macintosh systems, as well as RTAS, AU, and VST plug-in formats. You shouldn't have any issues installing the plug-in if you have a compatible system as most will. Learning the interface won't be as quick as with some other plug-ins, but the 608 is put together in a way that it isn't too complicated in light of how much is going on here. Each of the eight bands of delay includes parameters for feedback, delay time, filter, modulation, drive, and reverb. It also has main parameters for input, mix, and output levels, as well as a whole section for reverb and a screen to monitor your levels and control other parameters. It will definitely take users a good amount of use to get the full value of the plug-in, but it isn't difficult to get quick sounds if you don't go too in depth. A manual might be helpful for a beginner, but most of what goes on here is self explanatory.


I don't own the PSP 608 MultiDelay plug-in as I've only used it in a professional studio with a Pro Tools HD rig. We never had any problems running any plug-ins at all, so judging how well this plug-in will run probably isn't too accurate when comparing it to the system that I ran it on. It seems to be somewhere in the middle in terms of the processing power that it takes up, which didn't tax the system that I was running it on at all. I'd encourage that those really interested in the plug-in try out the demo to get a better idea of how well this will run on your own system.


While I've only used the PSP 608 MultiDelay plug-in on a handful of occasions, it isn't hard to tell that this delay plug-in has a whole lot of potential. In general the sounds aren't the warmest out there, but for a digital delay plug-in it definitely sounds above average. The best part about this plug-in in my opinion is simply the vast array of parameters that are here to work with. Having eight different bands of delay might seem like overkill, but if you're one who uses a lot of delay and likes to get creative with it, you'll definitely love playing with this plug-in. While it isn't as inexpensive as many of the other PSP plug-ins, it's still reasonably priced. I don't think that I would choose this as my first delay plug-in to buy, but at this price it's definitely one worth considering.