Dynamic Processor Software news

  • NASPRO v0.2.90

    NASPRO v0.2.90

    03/22/11 in NASPRO NASPRO

    The NASPRO development team has announced the release of version 0.2.90 of NASPRO

  • SoundToys Devil-Loc

    SoundToys Devil-Loc

    03/21/11 in Soundtoys Devil-Loc

    Soundtoys has released a new plugin called Devil Loc : SoundToys.

  • SKnote GTS-39

    SKnote GTS-39

    03/03/11 in SKnote GTS-39

    SKnote has announced the GTS-39 VST effect plug-in modeled after an old limiting tube compressor.

  • Brainworx bx_dynEQ 2

    Brainworx bx_dynEQ 2

    03/01/11 in Brainworx bx_dynEQ 2

    bx_dynEQ V2 is described as the "improved further development" of the original dynamic M/S EQ by Brainworx.

  • Mellowmuse 64-bit AU Plugins

    Mellowmuse 64-bit AU Plugins

    02/27/11 in Mellowmuse CP1A Stereo Compressor

    MellowMuse has announced that 64-bit Audio Unit versions of CP1A, CP2V, EQ1A, EQ2V, IR1A, Mellowhead and SATV are now available.

  • HorNet ChannelStrip v1.0.3

    HorNet ChannelStrip v1.0.3

    02/23/11 in Hornet Plugins ChannelStrip

    HoRNet has updated its ChannelStrip plug-in to version 1.0.3, adding a VST version to the existing AU version.

  • HorNet ChannelStrip

    HorNet ChannelStrip

    02/15/11 in Hornet Plugins ChannelStrip

    HoRNet has announced the release of ChannelStrip, an audio processing plug-in for Mac OS X, designed for day-to-day mixing tasks.

  • SKnote Presence

    SKnote Presence

    02/15/11 in SKnote Presence

    SKnote has released Presence, a new multi-mode dynamic exciter VST effect plug-in for Windows (a Mac version is in the works).

  • Tek'it Audio 8kut

    Tek'it Audio 8kut

    02/14/11 in Tek'it Audio 8kut

    Tek'it Audio has announced the release of a new freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows: 8kut.

  • SKnote Announces Roundtone 2

    SKnote Announces Roundtone 2

    02/11/11 in SKnote Roundtone v3.0

    Roundtone 2 offers Multi-track and Multi-machine modes.

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