Waves Dorrough Meter Collection
Waves Dorrough Meter Collection

Dorrough Meter Collection, Tuner from Waves.

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Hatsubai's review"Visual monitoring tools for audio"

Waves Dorrough Meter Collection
The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection is a bundle of different frequency analyzing plugins. What makes these special is that they're modeled after extremely famous hardware made by the company Dorrough Electronics. For the past few decades, it was Dorrough that ruled the world in hardware monitoring devices, and considering everything is going digital today, it was only natural for someone to clone the hardware, and what better manufacturer out there than Waves? There are two different versions out there -- the stereo version and the surround version. This review will mainly deal with the stereo version. The package comes with the 280D, 380D and 40-AES/EBU plugins. In reality, they're all basically the same plugin, but they look different. Waves offers different styles for those of you who are used to visually seeing audio in vertical, horizontal or arc form. I never read the manual, but it's not needed with this device. There are a few buttons that'll allow you to hold the analyzer at the peak, reset it, change the phase and adjust the left/right channels to accurately monitor loudness.


The plugins themselves are super simple to use. The moment you pop it into whatever bus you want, you'll easily get the hang of it. Thankfully, most Waves plugins are like this, which is a big plus for anybody considering buying other bundles offered by Waves. The plugins work for both PC and Mac, so the only people really left out would be the Linux guys. The gear has never crashed on me, and that's always been a good thing about Waves plugins. They're pretty much rock stable.


These are a good alternative to those who find their current DAW monitoring programs to be lacking. Most of today's professional DAWs don't really need these, but some of the cheaper ones could benefit with the use of these plugins. It's featured in the Mercury bundle, so if you decide to get basically everything that Waves offers, these will be included. If you just want these and want to save some money, get the Dorrough Meter Collection. It'll be much cheaper.