Boss Micro BR-80
Boss Micro BR-80

Micro BR-80, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Boss in the BR series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Boss Micro BR-80

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 12 reviews )
 4 reviews33 %
 5 reviews42 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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stompboxjon's review"Take it anywhere"

Boss Micro BR-80
The Boss Micro BR-80 has 3 simple modes to it, a multi track recorder, eBand and live recording functions. It will record directly to your memory card that can only hold up to 32 GB which for some artist may not be enough for what they need. The library of built in sounds for backing instrumentals are pretty good for the money you pay for this device. There is also a built in condenser microphone that will allow you to capture ok quality audio no matter where you are. I would not rely on this microphone though, but it can be great if you just want to record something quality if you are out and about and happen to have your BR-80 with you.
You can play back up to 8 tracks simultaneously, in this small unit you will have all of the major functions that you need to have a small set up. All of the sounds and even the drums are pretty decent with this unit. You can even edit the drums on the BR-80.
The downfall to me on this unit is that the output volume is not very good. Even when using with headphones, I have a lot of great pears of headphones and no matter which ones that I use with the BR-80 the audio is not very loud and if you turn it all the way up; it affects the quality big time. I am not sure what the issue is but maybe that is what you get for the price of a simple recorder.
Though I do not recommend getting this if you are looking for it to be your main recording source, but I do recommend getting it for a back up or if you are a record on the go type of musician who may be out and about and wants to record something on the fly. In that case you will have a decent studio on you at all times.

elmanouchi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small, portable and efficient"

Boss Micro BR-80
Originally purchased to quickly record ideas, quiet play (following the arrival of a baby in the house) and to be able to record my rhythm to bosser ranges, this small device fulfills its role very well! Since I use it almost every day.

It's strong manufacturing and sounds are good but do not hesitate to go edit the effect parameters used for those registered base does not necessarily correspond to your guitar or your tastes. These parameters are enough to change your sound. Ability to save your belongings.

The basic rhythms are sufficient to quickly create rhythms.
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of embedded microphones (following the bad reviews we read here and there ...) but it is true that we should no noise around because they capture everything!

- Ergonomics because of a few small buttons and menus that must go ... the price to pay to make the portable device in any wallet Case guitar.
- The screen a bit small and seems straight out of a past not so distant after all ... but considering the price and features offered ...

In short, a nice little device that will complement a computer music solution. Do not expect to save the tube century on it, but if you want something that allows you to bosser Register everywhere and this is certainly what you need ....
mortimer Valla03/28/2013

mortimer Valla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" there is everything, too much of everything"

Boss Micro BR-80
I use it for a year. When I put the drive home studio I have 7 or 8 switches turn on, wait until everything is operational ... It is simply too heavy for a small note air that comes like that and make arrangements on the fly. Where this purchase.
I have not tried anything else.
there are 3 modes. One classical multitrack that goes well, one for practice on pre-recorded songs and one that is actually a digital stereo tape. I only use the first. many drum loops and effects complete enough good enough "chips". effect Cosm (modeling at Boss) is interesting to ask a bass line even if you have a guitar in hand. Unfortunately this is not detachable. Once registered revenri no way back.
I like the built-in microphones. Acoustic guitar it sounds great.
I do not like the menu navigation, usability is catastrophic. At the same time it is difficult to have so many opportunities (8 Tracks "physical" batteries with loops, effects, modeling Cosm, etc ...) with some unfortunate selection buttons. another thing I do not like is the loop mode must drop a marker at the beginning and end and the latency induced to return to the loop start is impossible to obtain a zero cycle fluid.
value for money seems to me entirely appropriate.
I will not make that choice if I found exactly what suits me (but I have not found): 6 tracks maximum, minimum effects (reverb, distortion) loops battery with editable integrated HP mini. It's a bit ch ... always having to connect headphones.

bfl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" While loops but beware ..."

Boss Micro BR-80
I had the micro BR for a long time. Having tired, I turned to the BR80.

I will not dwell on its positive definite, on the other hand ... AB loops have a gap at the end of the loop back to the beginning. So, if you think record three agreements quickly, and rotate for soloing or working on it ... not glop ... I checked on the web, it is well .. no loop or other quantize this model to change the thing ...

I went, I was repaid (Valley Blues thank you for your understanding! Whose price was also lower at Thomann!) Suddenly to return to microBR that does not have this "bug". I can even restyle myself in the mirror of the old model at low cost! ...

If you do want to use loops to work viteuf its range for the rest, it's a great machine. The alternative, however, would be to copy 50 times your eight steps ...

Voili, voilou!

Right now!

FoxMusic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Micro BR 80 really great"

Boss Micro BR-80
The micro br 80 is a portable recorder multitrack 3-mode (Relax, Live and eBand).
MTR (creation)
It is possible to record 8 different tracks in mono or stereo while half of it in, except for a personal voice or keyboard I do anything else in stereo.
At each of its tracks can be stored eight trials. To this is added the rhythm section (drum set with lots of rhythm or metronome or anything ...) the metronome can be replaced later by a rhythmic drum.
You plug in the jack 6.35mm instrument (guitar, bass, electro-acoustic, keyboard, electronic drums ...) or you do not branch and are activated external stereo microphones.
There are a variety of guitar effect classified by style and also the effects that "turn" the guitar sound in elec bass in folk. there are effects for bass and voice.

The sound you import an existing fact you live in or MTR or song that you like (MP3) and there you can play along, nice, no? Ok there are even better, you can change the speed of the song (faster, slower) without affecting its tone (bass and treble) and vice versa can change the tone without moving his speed. wow! will you tell me what's so cool! Yes it is, but the quality is not great in the studio, there is as little distortion sound, but good for improving your speed or change of tone that's fine.

Well here we use the two small external microphones to the camera and recording without connecting. Ideal for recording bands, a repeat, a voice, an acoustic guitar, we keep the room acoustics. The pickups are pretty good and handles well stereo. The last weekend I did a live recording of an artist on stage, it looks really good.

How long you use it?
I use it for about a month.

What is so special that you love the most, least?
Goodies: The multi track with eight tests at each track. it's really good. the punch-out, it can just repeat part (a measure for example) a piece without redo everything.
Cons: Some effects are not terrible, it lacks on bass and acoustics but they can create. Liaison with the SONAR is super simple (recording) I'm going to look more seriously thereafter.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?
An external sound card with two inputs, but it's just a sound card, there is not any effects or multitrack editing in mobile.

How would you rate the quality / price?
I find the price quite expensive in nine is € 250. I bought it used € 170 with a 16GB memory card and power supply. But it took I'm looking for more than 15 days on the net every day.
It is true that there are many features on it, but € 250 is not nothing.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, I will ever see this option because I think it's a good tool to grow, train and everything in laptop. What I find great is that this little device is very comprehensive, it does not use certe maybe not everything, but Boss to think about many things and we can also set up and create effect, import drum sets in short, everyone is benefiting, although this is not a "studio" in the professional sense of the term.